Mmmm, nothing like some foreign delicacies (25 Photos)

  • schwanalang

    whers the fresh chilled monkey brains?

  • davisrj

    #3 Sad to say but I have actually eaten on of these and it tastes like really salty bacon!!!!!

    • V4Vendetta14

      Ha Ha, I saw tastes like bacon and I was sold…

  • Sarah

    Some of those I've tried (Ants / grubs) – granted some makes me feel squeemish
    Given enough courage I may try some, but others (like the duck egg / Balut) – just, well, hmmm, no thanks rather not

    As for the ant / scropion lollies & vodka – in UK you can get them from places such as

  • @24gino

    Just had my lunch opened this post and nearly unhad it.Should have known better.

  • V4Vendetta14

    Andrew Zimmern and his Bizarre Foods show covered Balut in season 1. He said it tastes like a hard boiled egg *10, and chicken all at the same time.

  • Whitnasty

    I reeeeally dislike when people complain about Chive posts failing or dropping the ball.

    If they're so disappointed in your posts either A. don't check the website. or B. submit ideas or pictures of things you'd actually like to see on theChive eh?

    I hear enough complaining in real life. Save it. 🙂

  • Poot

    #3 "Bacon Like Taste" . . . . . . . . sign me up.

  • GoForth


    Trim nose hair before close up shot, dude!

  • MiddleLane

    All of which are a HELL of a lot healthier than pizza and hot pockets.

    Stupid foreigners……….

  • top dog

    I don't know if I can sit and watch people eat this, but then again….to each his own.

  • Red Rabbit

    Bobs? Bob Saget? Bob Marely?

  • gok attack

    #12 gets you realllyyy hammered and very quickkk!!!

  • Tyrone wallingham


    I've had these, at no point did they taste like BBQ.

  • showtownman

    Till I got to #25, I was pretty good with 'em. Boy howdy.

  • vladivostok

    hey paula go fuck urself


  • moeshere Foxdale

    there is no freaking why….No way LOL…

  • MrCjv

    If you like that shit i got some dick cheese for ya.

  • bananah

    5 pounds for a fuc*ing lollipop with a worm in it!? THAT'S how you make money.
    I wouldn't mind trying the spiders. Or grilled ants. Or worms.

  • thatwasntthequestion

    Why wouldn't you just eat roasted soybeans if you wanted something that tastes like roasted soybeans?

  • Libertariandude

    I've had #3 and #14 on my travels to the Amazon. Pretty tasty, actually.

  • landj9697

    I've had #3 on celery with cream cheese. It was called "Ants on a Log" and it was pretty good. Had chocolate dipped scorpion too, but the carapce becomes really meally. The taste isn't bad, but the texture is awful.

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