Pre WWII Air Group (9 Photos)

I received these photos from an old family friend when he passed away a few years ago. These are pictures of his brother, Lt. Dell Russon. I only know a few pieces of the story. Lt. Russon and his aircraft went missing in the Pacific in December 1941, only a couple of days before the attack on Pearl Harbor. I think he went missing near Wake Island, but I am not 100% sure of that. Lt. Russon's aircraft was the one marked 2-D-27. He is also the one in the cockpit photo. On the back of the photos with the entire four-plane flight are the names Ruchala, Russon, Wright, and Turner. The story of these guys is being lost to history, I wish I had more pieces of it. Photos were made to be looked at, not sit in the bookshelf. So I thought maybe The Brigade audience might find them interesting.

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  • Beez

    The aircraft pictured at F6F Hellcats, which did not reach the fleet until 1943. Also note the national insignia lack a red dot in the center of the star (indicating that the aircraft pictured were painted after the outbreak of the war).

  • Hungry NomNom

    Great post, Brigade- appreciate the story at the start as well

    • Marq

      Yes, it is a good story. But Beez is right, the story doesn't match the pics. The Lt. Russon could not have disappeared just before December 7, 1941 if he was pictured in an fighter that wasn't operational until much later.

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