We know it’s cold out there, Alana Blanchard will warm things up (22 Photos)


  • pico

    a part of me has def. warmed up #1

  • Bud Ugly

    Definitely a hottie.

    Do you love me, do you surfer girl.

    • ejromer0

      no she doesnt

      • top dog

        Stop being an asshole or a little kid ejromer0, it's just a question. Go play with your toys.

  • Williemo

    Big thanks to Alana and Reef for #2 It really brightens up my day


    That's a good idea and I support that.

    • punani

      I would wear her ass like a surgeon's mask. Om nom nom nom!!!

  • aosux

    She is scorching hot! Surfer chicks are the best

  • Joshua D. Loomis

    Enter text right here!

    • Kyle Retrato


    • John

      you're more annoying than paula. stop posting

      • top dog

        And so are you.

    • Marmaduke

      You're becoming as annoying as Paula.

  • Scoup


  • Joshua D. Loomis

    I was trying to take a poll on Paula's annoying factor…didn't work. My bad

  • Scortch

    Good Lawd

  • zman

    We hate you. That is all.

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    #19 – Holy Fucking Awesomeness…………………..

  • YesterYear

    I need to learn to surf and pronto

  • eroon

    #17 oh to be that board…. oh… to be that board…

  • Paula is an ASS

    Love her!

  • dog


  • tazz

    the surf aint the only thing thats up!!!!

  • brent


  • Kyle Retrato

    I'd hit you.

    With a shovel.

  • Paula

    I want to lick her butthole too!!!


    • zman

      I lick your butthole,

      With a chainsaw

  • theone

    she is one hot pice of ass!!

  • top dog

    #2, She can stand to borrow some ass from some of them ladies on hump day

  • Eeik5150

    #17 Never had I wanted to be a surfboard more than when I saw this.

  • Rick

    John, You never disappoint. God Bless You Sir

  • Quinn039

    YAY!!! No tattoos!!!

    • HANK

      Thumbs up X infinity

  • Maverick

    awesome post chive, any chance we can get this hq?

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