Yer still doin it wrong (21 photos)

  • aaa

    made my day

  • mattythegooch

    #18 – Keepin' Cleveland classy since '84.

    • McLovin' It

      only one person passed the gay test in this picture… and he's not even old enough to know what being gay means

      • kaveman4130

        he knows a nice rack

    • JHL1

      Chiver in training

      • lick my sack

        he's in the closet?

  • Fisheyes

    #12 is Paula

  • Nunya Bidness

    I'm pretty sure he's doing it right.

    • that_weed_guy


    • lick my sack

      only 'cause his dick is really that small.




  • Amanda

    #2 is the identical logo and slogan to Pizza Pizza (Canadian pizza company), definitely shopped.

    • AnyoneforCoffee

      Is shopped but the place is really called Herbies Pizza in Swindon, UK.

  • Paula

    These are so silly billy!


    • Nociceptor

      I would happily devote my life to the endless study of genetics and paleontology just so I could bring back a dinosaur to eat you.

      • TheChipification

        People, stop feeding the troll.

    • Mate Bozanic

      WTF are you!!??

  • NotaTrap

    #9…might be doing it right?

    • Biggus Diccus

      Yeah whats wrong with this picture?

  • NotaTrap

    #9…BTW, Paula's breathe smells like that chicks fingers?

  • Jak

    Hey paula. Blow me!

    • MmmmmTasty

      Keep her hands busy too so she can't talk or type

  • JoJo

    Awww, look at #10 with his ego held high! LOL

    *walks away with not a fuck to give*

    • Jim

      He looks right at home in front of that flag. Maybe he should move there.

      • Nicnac

        yes, because what we want to do is continue to ignore China and India until they truly own everything here…

    • lonin

      and not a single fuck was given about his country that day

      • Obama

        Do us all a favor and die in a fire

  • Rod


    Doin' it right.

  • buuillis


  • TheMan

    #3, is Ginger a bad word cause thats what i see in number 3

    • TCUchiver

      i see snipe in number 1

    • Just Sayin

      I see the answers upside down on the bottom.

    • ely whitley

      What were the odds? i'm not up for 'lither' appearing in your standard word scramble, this is a wind up….. oh, hang on, you already knew that.

  • Chase McMann

    #9 is doing it right! I can help if she needs an extra finger or two. 😉

  • Anthony Jackman

    #2 is actually a pizza shop in swindon called Herbies Pizza.…

  • Grant

    #3 Admit it…….. every last one of us got the answers wrong.

  • Burt

    #3 Cyanide & Happiness Win

  • Paula

    #6 I didn't know anyone got a picture of my accident!


  • EEEeeee

    I can only see that as doing it RIGHT! Might as well get as real as possible while your spankin the bad monkey

  • Terry Burke

    do you mean snoo snoo?

    • Jules

      I just saw that 2 days ago – lol

      Futurama FTW!

      (and yes, it's snoo snoo)

      • schmeilsson

        Futurama? Try South Park…

  • Ben from Aus

    #12 – CRACK KILLS!!

  • WhatWillBee


  • zilch

    #5 This is what I think Paula must look like

    • Jawbone

      Jesus fucking Christ, why don't you suck her dick already?

  • ronnie

    #18 looks like she has great tits, find her, more so a pic of her tits

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