And there was a snowball fight (18 HQ Photos)

Northern Illinois University hasn't had the best couple of years to say the least. But they still have some spirit, man. Nothing beats a good old fashioned snowball fight. Thanks to Miles for sending me these photos. They made me miss the shit out of college and, sometimes, snow.

  • Matt

    #15 DUDE, you are so cold!!!!

  • aleXTC

    Was that a boondock saints reference i heard there

    • Jay

      Wait… what?! The comment was deleted yet it hold positive in ratings. I must know what was said!

  • Jason

    #13 that's an awesomely timed moment.

  • I am Name

    Why does phrase "I fucking love cocaine!" come to mind?

    • top dog

      Because you're probably having junkie tendency syndrome, JTS for short. Seek help…immediately!!

  • jimbo

    America! F#$% Yeah!!

  • Justin Hall


    lol i unno im just having a snowball fight

  • dingleberry

    LOVE the Boondock Saints type title!!!!

  • yoav^^^

    #11 EPIC!

  • Chim Richels

    #15 – Isn't Big Ben supposed to be in Dallas preparing for the SuperBowl? Or at least forcing his shit on some drunk undergrad?

  • mkloubellamy

    it Makes You Feel Alive…
    War Is Hell

  • top dog

    #1. That look like funnnnn…..until somebody stuff snow down your back, thats a waker uper!!

  • ThePriestWithHumor

    And on the 9th day god said let there be a snowball fight… And it was good.

  • @Gingergreek

    And together people of all colour and creed united together in a single brotherhood to FUCK SHIT UP!!!

  • Dan K

    #3 Lane Tech FTW!!!

  • Mate Bozanic


  • Wayne

    Nice! But there could have been more planning, set it up like paintball and make some damn snowballs for pete's sake instead of trying to throw clumps of snow.

  • MigraineBoy

    I thought you were dead?

  • VemiHemi

    Wow, that sure looks like a LOT of fun dude!

  • gofistyourself

    #12 carry your shield or be carried home on it !

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  • oggyz

    nice..wish we had organized ones here in nyc like that

  • Underhill

    Meanwhile, in Iran, the government is arresting youths who take part in
    water fights in the park.

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