Bat soup -the best kept secret for a cold remedy (11 photos)

  • Parkatola

    It's probably not that bad. I'm guessing it (everyone together) "TASTES LIKE CHICKEN." Just like snake, and raccoon, and ostrich, and orangutans, and fruit bats, and breakfast cereals, wait, scratch that last one. Makes me not want to eat chicken any more.

  • VBRefMartyn


  • NOUU

    #6 enjoy your "hot asian chicks" danbiys lolololo.

  • Lisa_Martin

    So this is where the term "bat shit crazy" came from. Glad I waited until after lunch & 3 hours before dinner to look at this one. Yuck.

  • itsrf


  • Sugreev2001

    I Am Disgust !

  • KaityBri

    Okay.. this is why people get freaking diseases! That's discusting!

  • The Mentalist

    Yumm . .

  • donyale

    Nasty fuckers!

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