Daily Afternoon Randomness (47 Photos)


    #15 FAIL!!! The guy with the camera around his neck is Putin, not the kid.

  • Yawn

    The whole schtick about this being a website where "bros" drool at anyone that has two fat deposits on their chest, is getting lame. Sorry.

    • Paula



    • lick my sack

      well, they got time to do nothing but drool about 'em 'cause they ain't touching any of em'. didn't you get the memo? only men who have tons of sex with beautiful women make it known how much they jack off to images of them on their computer screens, and the ones who aren't that impressed must be the ones who aren't getting any sex. LOL WUT?

  • Jessica Condrey

    #25 so this why all the chivettes who submit "Pieces" of themselves in photos and wont show their face 😉

    • Diana Santos

      looooooool you are kidding..but who knows if that already happened…^_^

  • schango

    #46 Questions:
    I live in a desert, so I have no clue.
    Where does the snow go when you shovel it? Is it piled to the sides?

  • sirforsyth

    #15 Putin pic is incorrect. It's not the kid, Putin is the KGB agent standing behind him with the cameras, posing as a tourist.

  • Brah

    #41 I love Ghost World

  • alex

    the best dar I've ever seen also #47 ought to get her own gallery

    • alex

      sorry meant #48

  • Steve

    Vladimir Putin was born in 1952, He would have been in his 30's while Reagan was in office. FAIL #15

  • Jeb

    #48 MORE PLEASE!

  • sexoffender

    #48 moarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!1

  • Blabla

    #14 No. Putin is the guy with camera just behind that boy.

  • manchovy

    Can we get an entire thread dedicated to Scumbag Steve? I hate him so much and he looks like everyone in my town of Gastonia, NC. He needs to be made as an example

  • lgsadsads

    #48 Poke-Her-Ball?

  • bramer

    body, check
    #39 Hell Yeah
    you"re awesome

  • flying_trout_yeah

    #23 Yes, Yes, OH GOD YES! The earth just fuckin stood stil.
    And boy did it fapped!

  • flying_trout_yeah

    Oh, btw, who is #23 ??

    • ClariseStarling

      bianca beauchamp – she's all over the place on these interwebs

  • pimp-el

    #14 Putin is the dude with the striped shirt

    • putin

      putin is the old guy with the red tie

  • pimp-el

    #38 is that a full half keg !?

  • ????

    where can I get an original Scumbag Steve Pic? I want to make a few…

  • ATouchofInsanity

    #20 – This has got to qualify as some form of child abuse…
    #48 – I want that Pokeball bra…

  • The Spicy Italian

    #16 Hey I have that gun

  • http://www.playerfive.com JeppyTheGeek

    The Geek Squad bug in #2 is my boy Brian's, still won't tell us what happened…

  • Cqcumber

    Yep, it's just like chicago cubs never won a world series. it's right there, but u cant touch it.

  • ithrowpoop

    #25 you should really stop posting stuff like this or im gonna stop coming her 12 times a day

  • DaHoneyBadger


    • Rory

      Danica Thrall. Google, go.

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