Daily Afternoon Randomness (47 Photos)

  • Evan

    #48 Fuck yes

  • Dave

    #48 MOAR! Find her Chive. Go Fetch.

  • Brian

    #48 I choose you. FInd her photos chive, you gotta catch em all.

  • Boris Badenov

    That child is not Vladimir Putin. Putin was born in 1952 and would have already been 36 by the time RR visited USSR for the first time in 1988.

    However, the man with the camera behind him might be, though Putin was supposed to be stationed in Dresden, E. Germany at the time.

  • NoZ

    #48 hate to seem to be jumping on the bandwagon…but the pokemon bra is awesome. nerd girls win.

  • Maynard B.

    #48, I choose you!!

  • Philicheeze

    #44 is Anna V

    • Philicheese

      sorry #43

  • TheBlackChiver

    #16 is livin that life!!

  • true gamer

    #44 kinda looks like baby Kratos vs a Titan

  • BzukaJoe

    Is this Together As One, the Major Lazer set NYE?

  • Eddie

    #28 haha.

  • muNICU

    #39 Looks like a Phish show

  • Francis P. Huberton

    #35 "She doesn't even go here!"

    Did nobody else think of that?

  • arikhan

    14 and 15, V. Putin is actually the guy with the cameras behind the kid.

  • www.alajeeb.co.cc

    #30 cant see why the fuck not

  • fasterthanu

    #14 He looks quite young for in his late 20's early 30's

  • Chuck

    #14 #15
    if anyone's Putin in that photo surely it's the guy behind the kid with the camera?

  • MmmmmTasty

    #48 Haha LOVE this photo!

  • http://twitter.com/Floptickle @Floptickle

    #43 Yes.

  • Vladimir Pootin

    #14 fail. Vladimir Putin is the guy with the camera. behind the boy. Putin was born in 1952. Ronald Reagan was president from 1981 onwards. Putin was 29 in 1981.

  • Dave

    Looks like a phish show

  • Elver Galarga

    Who is #48? Looks cool and sexy

  • Ross


    Why did she put a pistol laser on her Hi-Point 995 carbine?

  • DanimalHX

    #17 MOAR PLEASE!

  • Mike

    #43 #46

    This makes me happy a hot ginger

    AND a hottie in a pokebra!!!!! MOHR Please!!!!! #46

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