Daily Afternoon Randomness (47 Photos)

  • Mike

    a hottie in a pokebra!!!!! MOHR Please!!!!! #48

  • bless1

    #3… Would destroy the tall chic!

  • Sarah

    #30 yes
    #43 yes

  • bless1

    ALSO, I love to hate dushbag steve. Keep clowning his punk ass!

  • Mr. Awesome

    #48 has to have to must awesome bra in the world

  • R-Dub

    #15 Is NOT Putin.

  • Brap

    #31 is a Real Life version of a Gary larson cartoon

  • Bob

    #12 ebony and ivory gays?
    #48 gotta grab em all……boobies

  • juscogens

    #14-15 Uhh…Putin was born in 1952, he would have been in his late 20s when that picture was taken….

  • yoav^^^

    #11 heck if i know but it must be the most awesome thing ever

  • yoav^^^

    grre ignor last post.. i ment

    #38 heck if i know but it must be the most awesome thing ever

  • Debasteitor

    #25 proof that there are no such a thing like a girl on the interwebs… they are all in the kitchen..

    hey.. HI PAULA!

  • wickedjack

    #14 #15 Thats NOT Putin. Putin is 58 right now. If Reagan was alive he would be 100. Reagan was born in 1911. Putin was born in 1952. Reagan took office in1981. Even if that was Reagan's first day in office, which it clearly isn't, Putin would be 29.

  • jtorresfuentes

    #20 TOO FUNNY! The end of the world must be near

  • Paul

    #14 #15

    Post Fail. Putin is the sketchy lookin guy with the camera around his neck.

  • Rolis

    #48 pockemon bra girl made my day

  • cabcomb

    vladmir putin was born in 1952……

  • Naz1962

    #41 Steve Buscemi and Christopher Walken oughtta do a movie together – it would rock!

  • Colin

    #38….Deffinitly a scene from the movie "piranha"!

  • jdw

    #17, #17, #17 'nuff said

  • cdub

    #6 I want to pull up to the party in it!

  • rick

    #46 – get that down to the pavement or you're not doing it right!

  • ktxl

    I'm pretty sure 39 is phish. MSG perhaps.

  • Cheeze81


  • Ben

    Putin's the guy with the cameras, not the kid.

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