• Xeteh

    I've read somewhere that the whole super-nerd thing is an act… but who cares, I love his music.

  • zyxw

    Hello Youtubes!

  • KeyJ

    Ronald is Amazing,

    I bought his CD. Highly Recommend:

    Disorganized Fun
    Guitar Sound
    Stay Crunchy <– Fave

    Hello Youtubes!

    • SJay

      Hah, those 3 songs are my favs as well 😀

    • XIII

      I had my first eargasm on those.

  • tommybhoy

    The 'Dork can Jam'………but still cant get laid

    • lame

      i accidentally thumbed you up, but meant to thumb you down

    • Brian

      More than you, of that im sure!

    • Da Sandman

      oh yeah, because getting laid is THE most important thing in the world…

  • ryan

    reminds me a lot of daft punk

    • RazvanK

      true dat bro!!

  • Tomatso

    Love his facial expressions. Loving it.

    • Alex

      This just makes me happy! seems like a fun guy to hang with!

  • TheMan

    now that's funky

  • marius

    kinda sounds like daft punk

    • ZeeZee

      kinda think it is daft punk for his bass and beats

  • hoovus

    "Hello Youtubes"

    Now THATS a proper way to mislead your audience. Brilliant job on the act and the song man

  • jackbrack

    at first he thought he wasnt cool enough, but i told him he was the bee's knees

  • Benjiman

    Glad i sat through the dead space add for this, Awesome music!

  • Drou

    i think that the guy who wrote the title is also a DORK but without the skills…

  • Dave

    A little bit of blood rushed to my penis when I heard this

    • Jure

      LOL!!! Otherwise, awesome!

  • googboog

    fuck deadspace

    • Benny

      I second that. I'm NEVER buying that game. Not even downloading it when cracked.

  • Paula

    I'm so very sorry for upsetting you guys, I promise I won't do the kisses thing again.


    • Dan

      dont worry Paula they are just mad on their life not on you

    • Paula

      Still annoying.

      Dirty Sanchez,

      The Real D. Nozzle

  • http://twitter.com/DjSa_x @DjSa_x

    Check his Video of "Throwing Fire" Pure Bomb !

    • TANGO

      What I love about watching your video is that there was no pre paid advertisement in front of it!

  • ***

    I know this guy, he does stand up comedy in my town and the nerd thing is an act. He's actually a really cool guy.

  • DTAB

    Jenkees is the man!!!! He announces on his website that… "I'm not some kind of savant"… he's probably just very high all the time.

  • saltygary

    I miss this guy, he hasn't posted anything in 2 years. This one is probably my favorite:

  • Kypski

    damn, so that's behind the Daft Punk robot masks.

  • zilch

    My head starts bobbing to the beat, and I just can't stop

  • T-Diddy

    Jenkees is the shit!

  • Earl da Squirrel

    Play that funky music white boy!! Diggin it!!

  • ronnie


    • Kurt

      get adblock plus for mozilla-skips all those shitty ads

  • Matt

    Chive, we all hate the dead space 2 advertisements, when are they going to end?

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