More animals that don’t suck (26 Photos)

  • Nick702


  • top dog

    #14. Lady, that is a fockin owl, not a puppy.

    • Ken

      February is "National Hug An Owl" month….Don't forget your talon-proof gloves.

  • Jfrost

    #20 "Step into my parlor…"

  • top dog

    #22. "Wait wait, let it get a little closer, then we'll pounce on it. I'll have my revenge!"

  • @Gingergreek

    #5 "Yeah I stole your Banana, WTF you gonna do it about it?

    #21 Mumra!!!

  • Bob

    #8 and #18 are so awesome, I want to punch my mother in the fucking face.

  • Kimmeh

    #25 Those packing peanuts are bad for you doggy! GET OUTT!!!

  • slick

    #18 I always wonder how you can go through the trouble of editing a picture and not notice a typo. It's not like IM, you have to look at the picture and edit it before saving.

  • VampJenn

    #5 #20 Animals walking like humans. I think that is a sign of the apocalypse. It also creeps me out a bit

  • Libertariandude

    #7 LMAO

  • jadiwin


    Monorail Cat's been derailed!

  • Geronimo

    Y'all fucking suck at making captions. Just shut up and appreciate the pictures.

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  • lfsg


  • Joe Kober

    #21 our lass would love a yoda like that – i can see a shop entry for this haha

  • Smb13

    #18 would be funny if "capacity" was spelled correctly

  • TitoRigatoni

    #23 and #24
    There is Monkey style kung fu, why is there no Lemur style?

  • Gallus

    #14 takes major guts! Owls are deadly carnivores and have talons that look like they could shred a hunting falcon.

    #25 – Finally, a reasonable use for those awful ghost farts.

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