Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • bkfrijoles

    #24 hanging this up on my office door

    • sdc

      Is it me or does this seem really, really gay?

      P.S. I don't have anything against gay people. It's straight people who do gay things that irks me. 🙂

    • sdc

      Is it me or does this seem really, really gay?

      P.S. I have nothing against gay people. It is straight people who do gay things that irks me. 🙂

    • OwnerOfYou

      I remember that this guy was in a platform fighting game, but I've forgotten which one… little help?

      • John

        Mike Haggar from Final Fight

  • eclipze


  • Wookinpahnub
  • Ken

    #20 Hey I recognize those tits from pic SIX in the "Under-boob is my personal renewable energy source"

  • dizzy

    #20 and #45

  • markkens

    Nina…you rock!!!

  • dizzy

    MOAR #3 and #8

  • RazvanK

    nice job for Johnny Crosslin in #3 =)

    • Del

      except he hasnt updated his photos in like 3 years….

  • eat balls, internet!

    #3 marzia prince is the hottest woman in the world. we should start a campaign for her to do one hardcore scene. that's it. just one.

  • CC101

    #48 LOL

  • mike

    my god that # 20 is that even legal..

    you have alot of hot chicks on here but that one i had to send it to my email account and look at once a day.. she is just a beauty,, wow

    any more pics of her please send them on

  • LJJ

    Another awesome week. Keep up the good work Chive !

  • Mike

    42 should ahve been at the #1 spot!!!

  • GreyGhost9

    #14 Sweet Jesus, she will get my blood flown

  • koody

    need more of #45 #49 #11 and most of all more of #44

  • Cliff

    Her name is Wendy Fiore. Goes by Wendy4 and Wendy Combattente.

  • Smb13

    #4 I'm a lesbian…yes I will toss your salad.

  • Sir_Real

    #42 Beautiful.

  • northerner

    #23, if I had been drinking something when I read this one, I'd have sprayed it all over my laptop. This is hilarious, ROFLMAO, repeatedly!

  • northerner

    #20, As I said when this was first posted, aside from her beautiful face and hair, she has two of the prettiest, most perfectly shaped tits I've ever seen on Chive…Oh my….

  • rukiddenme

    #3,#45,#35please hurt me.

  • SantiGE

    Can't… stop… looking at #20 and #35 ….

  • Wookieeman

    #21-United Steaks of America?

  • Tommy2X4

    All these sexy girls look so good because they work really hard to hide the fact that they were born with vaginas large enough to throw a cat through.

  • Dizz

    #44 How F**king random, I went thru bootcamp with this kid, bahahaha!! What a tool…

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