Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • Danny

    #42 FTW!

  • heffae

    #18 — love that LA's scariest Jack in the Box is in the back ground (it's some sort of dirty street urchin, crazy homeless guy mecca… must be the F'ing awesome curly fries)

  • 2857

    #19 – yer doin it wrong

  • Anonymous

    unbelievable respect for 42! and she is incredibly hot! – chive on from northern ireland!

  • dmfb

    Where can I find more #8 and more #14? Holy beans.

    • Guest

      #14 is Emily "Laser" Johnston

  • NotaTrap

    #18…HOLY SHIT…..I LOVE JACK IN THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • slushpuppy69

    #1-As a huge Dumb and Dumber fan, has anyone else noticed that the quote is wrong? He just says "That John Denver's full of shit." He doesn't add "man." I know, I'm a quote nazi. Sorry. But it's too good a line to screw up.

  • gonow
  • bizzzzz

    I have a friend with #24 tattooed on his leg.

  • AtomManhattan

    #14 outrageous hotness. Poor girl looks like she needs a good hard plowing.

  • Phillip

    Who is 35?

  • brutis

    #3 and #45 need to see some nacked pics of them please

  • Geshko

    I just want to give Nina props for rocking the Chive, port scar and all. Seriously sexy. #42

  • buuillis


  • Rockogre

    I think that Nina is the most impressive woman on this list! Glad you are ok.


    #42 – way to go girl!!! keep them up!!!

  • bozzy013

    #8, #14, #35, #43 STUNNING!
    #16 Mila Kunis makes every man stare. What a babe!

  • Peter Bergman

    what's with #17?? Somebody important??

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