Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (33 Photos)

  • bob

    its saturday morning and im hungry and horny… thanks to chive and #14 #15

  • Mark

    who is #32 and where can we get MOAR of her?

  • Adam

    who the hell is #15 and where can i find moar!!!

  • abipolarguy

    #10 I appreciate the though, honey, but as you can see, se don'y have a car

  • jackskeleton11

    #15 my future ex wife

  • Shiyan

    #31 and #32 is Sarah Shahi. She stars in the new series Fairly Legal for anyone that doesn't already know.

  • tony

    No Dave Matthews please. Isn’t he like Canadian, from America’s hat…please no Dave Matthews-no maple syrup bleeding hocky loving squinty eyed flappy headed Canadians tribute please.

  • Williemo

    Good god chive… Please give us moar of #3 and #15…. Chivers lives depend on it….

  • The Mentalist

    #15 . . . Win.

  • RKae

    Hey, Charlie Sheen:

    I can hold more than one concept in my head at a time. I can be disgusted by war and STILL think you're a worthless sack of shit.

    I can wonder what's going to happen to me after I die and also wonder if Emerson, Lake & Palmer will do another reunion concert. I can be angry about our economy and also be pissed that the damned waitress forgot to bring the jam for my toast.

    Perhaps you can't do this because your brain is loaded with toxic crap.

    And for your information, you're NOT all we care about. You're a tiny blurb. You're a little headline among many that flashes past on my home page, and I don't even click on it.

    I'd say "get a life," but you had one. You pissed it away.

    Fuck you. Seriously. Fuck you.

  • George

    Dave Matthews does deserve to be on the CHive. In one of the "Look at these douchebags" posts.

  • Chris

    #9 Oh My God!

  • Guest

    Nice glass of ice…you might want some scotch in it eventually…

  • macrda

    #4 if you are a woman, marry me…………#9 marry me……#20 you are right(and you are still the man)…..#22 yes…#31 marry me……please!

  • rcputty

    That White castle is right down the street from my dad's house.

  • Jbot

    in the name of his holiness, Lord Cthulhu, who is #15!? Amazing!!!

    <img&gt <a href="http://;http://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/randomness-hq-friday-25.jpg” target=”_blank”>;http://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/randomness-hq-friday-25.jpg

  • Matty

    Dave Matthews sucks

  • Ray Cole

    Where's #2?

    • wallace

      Rio de Janeiro.

  • norm

    How much of a fucking dork to you have to be to be nostalgic about Dave Matthews?

  • fro

    Chive, as a fellow Chicagoan, I beg you NOT to give #29 any special treatment. That asshole literally shit on our people.

  • Scallywaggg

    Dave Matthews fucking sucks.

  • northerner

    #32, Sweet, sweet POKIES!!!!!!!

  • northerner

    #22, Oh, lawdy lawd that is so fine a lady….smoking fine! And perfect breasts, too. See, there are gorgeous girls out there who don't have hugemongus boobs…

  • pokeman134

    #29 my parents used to play his music so much that i called him "stupid Dave Mathews." now i love his music, strange how thinks can work out.

  • will

    #9 and 15 Should be in the AWESOME gallery because it don't get more AWESOME than that.

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