Found! Rare photos of the Wright Brothers inventing that thing that we take for granted (24 photos)

If they only knew about how bad the TSA blows, they'd be turning over in their graves.

  • Grifo

    I don't know, looks shopped. There's no way that thing could fly; where the hell do you put the drink cart?!?

    • HawkPilot

      You're a moron.

    • Ulisses

      This looks shopped. I can tell from the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

      • lolkimi

        I dunno. That's kittyhawk alright. and kittyhawk doesn't look like that anymore.

      • 4SOC20saint

        because anyone would have a reason to shop a historically documented event in such a mediocre way
        its definitely not because photography was still relatively new and the process for developing prints caused imperfections

        good call

    • Ilya Josefson

      Lol. Way to miss the joke, all of you.

    • The Mad Zak

      Dammit I was going to type the same thing!

      They couldn't construct a powered, flying machine in 1903 but they had a PC with Photoshop.

  • Jay

    ahh the Wright brothers, Orville and Redenbacher. Pure genius.

    • geezer

      I laughed.

    • jeffroe

      One of my fav Cartman lines evah!

  • JWW

    um #2 and #3 are pics of Charles Lindbergh….pretty sure he wasn't at Kitty Hawk with the Wright Brothers

    • Phondo

      Right, but he loved anybody who looked vaguely Nazi.

    • tataz

      Yup. These egg heads at the site don't actually look at what they post. They gotta get these posts up quick so we get our underboob!

    • Screwdriver

      Good catch…..The Chive should give you a job…and the first order of business would be getting rid of that annoying floating add.

    • The Mad Zak

      Yea and that guy in the straw hat is Neil Armstrong.

  • aosux

    Look at ALL that leg space around those seats. Now-a-days you're lucky to get your feet and 1 small bag behind a seat.

  • Stafferty

    #9 #10

    Those moustaches are so epic that they have killed men before with nothing but a corn cob pipe.

    • The Mad Zak

      Those are not the Wright brothers! That is the starting 2nd baseman and shortstop for the 1899 Cincinnati Redstockings!

  • blurradial

    Yes. Yes. Let me the first to not mince words and declare bulls#@% on this series. There are too many remaining modern-era camera angles and clarity for most of these to be real. A re-creation at best, then sepia toned, etc.

    • ashleyging

      somebody is a negative nancy.

      • Jimmy

        he's just one of those people who think photos taken with anything less than a 11megapixel digital camera is fake..

  • Zee

    #8 Ladies, party at our house tonight; we just invented the freaking plane!!

    • Axman

      I'm gonna build an airplane, bitches love Airplanes!

    • gaz

      I gave those bitches flight, bitches love flight.

  • aaron

    Ohio, the REAL birthplace of aviation. Stick it North Carolina,.

  • hiperyon.pantibiblon

    Santos Dumont………..14 BIS Le Champ de Bagatelle

    • ranD

      they made the first airplane, not the first flight ever. dont go getting your french panties in a twist.

      • Phondo

        Unless you have some pictures of that.

        • Jimmy

          and you're a hot girl….

      • Mochi

        if you can call an airplane something that needs a sling to fly…

      • Cecilia Fiorani Faccin

        Please…Go google it… Not French!

        • Yuzaki

          Well, in fact, the very first "flight" was french…

          "On 9 October 1890, Ader attempted a flight of the Éole. Historians say the aircraft evidently took off, reached a height of 20 cm, and flew uncontrolled approximately 50m, 13 years before the Wright Brothers."

          But the real question is : Can we say 20 cm high is a fly ? Still, the first guy who took off with a motorized machine was french. But who cares ?

          • Mochi

            He wasn't French. He was in France, but he was a Brazilian.

  • hiperyon.pantibiblon

    Good pictures of great men whose thoughts only mean one thing to me: Show the greatness of humankind regardless borders,countries,flags,whatsoever.

  • Justin Hall

    Too long. Didn't read.

    Don't thumbs up your own comment.

    • Pete Ribaudo

      i did read. now regretting it.

  • Gevth

    #9 #10
    Are these the Wright brothers? I'm pretty sure I've seen them stomping on turtles or eating fungi somewhere before…

    • Phondo

      Are you saying they might the wrong brothers?

    • saldillo

      epic, man!

  • bud

    the Wright brothers left that shitty state to go find a real party. #8 and they tried to keep there embarrassing home state a secret. you should do the same

  • dnsbubba

    I wasn't going to post this, but as others are pointing out a few errors in the post, the Wright Brothers did not invent the airplane. They made the first RECORDED powered flight. Gustave Whitehead made a powered flight two years earlier, but no one took pictures of it, although it was reported in the news of the time.

    Airplanes and airplane designs had been around for quite some time before the Wright Brothers took their flight.

    • Richard

      yep, that was what i came to point out as well. kudos for knowing your facts.

    • Nicnac

      The same people who say "The Wright Brothers invented the airplane" say "Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity"

    • Captlazarus

      God damn hipsters putting there "Did it first" stink on everything. Srsly, enjoy the pictures and STFU

    • mrsharrisonford

      Well shame on them for having cameras around, those genius bastards. :p

  • lolkimi

    North Carolina, the birthplace of FLIGHT. suck it ohio.

  • top dog

    #9 and #10. Well, thats one of the Wright brothers anyway.

  • Shabs

    #8 airplane groupies

    • The Mad Zak

      C'mon Shabs. Knock it off with the insensitive remarks. We call them flight attendants now.

  • Drunkula

    Moustaches are epic…

  • EDo

    #9 #10
    how did they managed to look faker than the wax museum figures?

  • Anonymous

    If by “that thing we take for granted” you mean “a piece of metal that won’t lift off without a big catapult”, yes, the Wright brothers invented that.

  • rodrocks

    What the F else is there to do around there, might as well fly!

  • Irock

    My great grandparents knew these guys. Told them to stop with the airplane crap, and stick to their bicycle business.

  • Our_Kelly

    Are these restored photos? I wanna know how these photos, taken decades ago, look a thousand times better than the crap images I get with 5mp cell phone camera?!?! WTF!?!

  • boss

    #8 The Chive brothers of 1903.

  • clay

    I can only hope the conversation went something like this…
    "Today? Ah, ya know, got up, flew for the first time, same 'ol shit! So which of you ladies wants to party?"

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