Found! Rare photos of the Wright Brothers inventing that thing that we take for granted (24 photos)

If they only knew about how bad the TSA blows, they'd be turning over in their graves.

  • Will Suh

    you know… actually it was a Brazilian who invented the first airplane. Just in case you guys don't believe me:

    • Mochi


    • kent

      Your source is a blogspot post…


      The first sustained heavier-than-air flight was by Americans. It's well documented. There is no such documentation for your claim.

      Americans invented the airplane. Cry more.

      • Mochi

        The "airplanes" the Wright brothers created didn't lift off by themselves. They were nothing more than gliders.

  • Donny R

    I believe these came from a vintage photo site. I submitted some photos from there to Rick for the Throttle showing an early test from 1923 of a bulletproof vest….I believe they're legit. See for yourself

  • HawkPilot

    They had to leave that craphole to get in the air. Sure, they may have been born there, but just as I was born else but am a proud Tarheel, so is flight.

  • zdrake13

    Pride and joy of my hometown Dayton, Ohio

  • Jay

    The wright brothers were not the first to fly, they simply started the modern push for aviation, humans had already made flights even as far back as egyptian times. But as they say, "history is made by those who write the history books".

  • Porco_AranhA

    if you think chickens can fly, they can do it too
    think about, you see i'm right, actually dumont did the first flight
    please if you are going to do a retarded reply doind all nationalist about how aamericans and america is fucking first at all and shit, dont do it
    "patriotism is the idea that your country is better than the other just because you are born in it"

    • kent

      You're a retard.

      The first flight was by the Wright Brothers. It's well-documented. Nobody else managed an actual sustained flight, only unmanned and manned glides. Dumont didn't fly until 1906. The Wright Brothers had already flown 15 times by then, the first being in 1903.

      The airplane, as it is currently defined, was undoubtedly invented by Americans. It's funny how retarded anti-Americanism is. You're jealous and enraged by simple facts. When Americans simply state those simple facts, you have to chalk it up to nationalism. When you're actually the nationalistic one, desperately trying to rob the US of credit so you can cope with living in an inferior country that isn't as important and hasn't achieved as much.

      Anti-Americanism is so easy to prove as motivated by jealousy and idiocy, when you have to lie to yourself just to sustain your beliefs.

      • kent

        And you know what's really funny?

        Dumont only flew about 130 feet in 1906. By then the Wrights and their Flyer III had already flown 24 miles in one flight. The US was WAY ahead of everyone else. Not only having the first flight, years before Dumont, but even before anyone else flew for more than a few feet, Americans were having long flights that covered miles of distance.

        Anti-Americanism = mental retardation motivated by jealousy.

        You're a perfect example of actually how awesome the US is, when people have to believe lies like you do in order to rob the US of credit for our accomplishments.

        • LOL

          Those are all PERSONAL achievements and do not represent an entire country. IDIOTS, it doesn't matter who invented it, they are not OUR achievements, we weren't there to help and have done nothing to improve it. So shut the fuck up and go invent something so you can brag about it.

        • Mochi

          Gee, what a drama queen. Nobody questions that Americans invented many good things. The airplane just happen to be not one of them.

    • kent

      Wright Brothers first flight: 1903
      Dumont's first flight: 1906

      Checkmate. America wins.

      • Mochi

        If you call the 1903 flight a flight… the Wright brothers were late by 50 or something years. Gliders were built in the 1850s.

  • rodrigo
  • MacnCheese

    #9 #10 We'll make man fly BRILLIANT!!

  • Brian Freedman

    #23 The original Ghost Riding.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #15 #17 look at that motor…my god they got balls…BIG BALLS…

  • brian

    its to bad that there were actually two men that flew a plane on Silver Beach, St. Joseph Michigan, before the Wright Bros. and never got the recognition for it………………….

  • Underhill

    Ok guys. What I tell the little kiddies in school. Yes, several people flew before the Wright brothers.
    What the brothers invented is the research program, the wind tunnel, the walk-away landing and the re-useable airplane. They flew their first powered aircraft four times in one day. Plus maybe the first two-place airplane. And they did it repeatedly, in public.
    And yes, some of the photos are probably studio shots.

  • The Mad Zak

    Also the birthplace of America's first Ace, Eddie Rickenbacker, America's first to orbit the earth, John Glenn, and the first on the moon, Neil Armstrong. Now if we could only get a pro football team….

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