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  • jabroni

    Just stopped by to say Hi. now back to #10


    #10 – Looks like its hard work to wear that bum – would throw off your equilibrium. But she wear's it well!

  • ringGold

    close enough to spam if you ask me, report…

  • top dog

    If you ever wanted to know what awesome really is, $6 is it.

    • top dog

      Thats #6


    #10. err Dude, I think you're suppose to grab her ass.

  • knuckledonkey

    #10 HOVERHAND!!!!!

  • HellHath NoLife

    pack yo bags. bye.

  • the truth

    EPIC EPIC EPIC HOVERHAND in #10, by the way.

  • Jason

    Man…. Rachel McAdams……… if your reading this you are amazing! #10

  • Naz1962

    #5 LOL I could watch this all day long! Fucking douchebag deserved it!

  • iHam

    The body double in #10 is Marie-Pierre Beausejour and I CHALLENGE the Chive to FIND HER!!!!!!!…..please and can she have her own post on Hump Day??

  • Fuck you all


  • Derek

    Where is #6 from?! 'Tis awsome 🙂

    • Jordon

      The movie RED. Pretty good flick.

  • Nick

    #12 hahaha i watched that this weekend

  • Jimmy

  • bdiaz90

    i watched that movie just for rachel mcadams, ay carumbaaaa #10

  • Anon

    #3 #10
    i care about these. i care a lot

  • Frank M

    #3. I'm a fan of the gif where she's stirring hot chocolate:

  • Anonymous

    which movie is number 10 ?

  • Chris

    #5 belongs in jail. Dangerous driving with intent isn't far off of attempted murder IMO. I'm sure he didn't intend on killing anyone, but it's reasonably foreseeable that someone could have been killed.

    –Unimpressed Student of English & Welsh Law

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