There are Sexy Chivers Among Us (64 Photos)

Well the Chivettes have become a national (and international) phenomenon. One note: If you don't see your photo here today, don't worry, you might see it next week! 'Sexy Chivers' continues to blow us away as millions of Chivers tune in every Friday for this internet event. 
Remember, this awesome post is NOTHING without our Chivettes! So if you've got what it takes to be a Sexy Chiver, start submitting your photos for next week as soon as possible.

: Grab your camera (phone) and write 'Hi Chivers' on a sign or some part of your body (be as creative as you like). Then use our handy-dandy upload page to send pics to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com and collect internet fame. Above all: Be Creative! Do it for your country!

Chive On!
John n' Leo

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  • Adam

    #39 dude is an idiot

  • Kenny

    # 34 … Great..

  • tdr

    #46 … looks like boogers

  • iambigd42

    #46 With the nose piercing you are a 4-1/2, without it you would be a solid 7-3/4 (maybe higher if you showed more). For the record I love piercings, sexy, non-over-time damaging piercings. When you are in your 40s you will have a nice big hole in your nose and it will be nasty. That piercing takes away from any bit of beauty you have. Sorry but you should lose it.

  • LoveButts

    #57 – very creative and perfect

  • iambigd42

    #5 FTW! This is one of the hottest chive pics ever. Find Her

  • nick

    lets see some more #19. idk about you guys but i would be all over her!

  • Justin

    #17 is so hot!

  • Evil Dougal

    #38 Damn I wish there were moar!!!!

  • the-blood

    this is the best fucking thing ever in the history of history

  • WizKid

    #16 HOT DAMN!

  • maynard

    Where's all the Lithuanian girls?

  • BigJohn

    To the girls who are doing this for revenge against their exes – I have a saying for you. For every hot girl in this world, there is at least one guy who is sick of their shit.

    • Skye

      THANK YOU!!

  • David


    W I N ! ! !

  • Chris

    #45 and #58 are Amazing!

  • JHL1

    Thanks to each and every one of you!

    #6 Need more with or without the mouse ears
    #13 Love that black lacy bra (and what's inside)
    I'd also like to see how #38 dresses when she's not at the office

  • Matt

    sorry xbox girl has better boobs. idc about xbox vs playstation (but i got xbox)

    i'd get rid of the nose ring.

  • G55

    Just want to send my love out to #48 yo.

  • TBT

    #2 is photoshopped?!? So weird…do not like. Not up to Chive standards.

  • shon

    29 and 30 we should discuss this issue further. Im sorry but xbox is much better and the boobs behind them are much better too

  • guest

    #29 hell yeh 😀 and #30 noway

  • Fred


  • CanadianSoldier

    #25 Nina glad you're still with us.

    #51 Kylie you're so pretty you break my heart. Hope we see you on the Chive more often

  • Lars

    #51 > I m in love with your eyes , OMG

  • Bob

    #29 wins, #30's look fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Xbox has a better controller too, PS3's is for tiny girl hands not MEN'S

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