There are Sexy Chivers Among Us (64 Photos)

Well the Chivettes have become a national (and international) phenomenon. One note: If you don't see your photo here today, don't worry, you might see it next week! 'Sexy Chivers' continues to blow us away as millions of Chivers tune in every Friday for this internet event. 
Remember, this awesome post is NOTHING without our Chivettes! So if you've got what it takes to be a Sexy Chiver, start submitting your photos for next week as soon as possible.

: Grab your camera (phone) and write 'Hi Chivers' on a sign or some part of your body (be as creative as you like). Then use our handy-dandy upload page to send pics to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com and collect internet fame. Above all: Be Creative! Do it for your country!

Chive On!
John n' Leo

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  • Dave

    #42 Awesome underboob

  • Anonymous

    #39 but if only you had lost the weight before, he wouldn’t have broke up with you in the first place!!! I hate when girls get into shape after you dump her… It’s ok i guess, one man loss is another man’s victory

  • Mr. Awesomeness

    #26 wins. Goddamn that's hot.

    #42 sweet lord

    #64 unleash those puppies

  • Sarah

    I think i know #48. Are you from Delaware??

    • Christiana

      Yes. I am from Delaware.

  • madlyfe

    check out #16s gapper!

    • sketchygirl

      my gapper? wtf is a gapper?

      • madlyfe

        ur on chive and dont know what the gap is? amateur…

        • sketchygirl

          yall are mean 😦 i dont have a vag gap!

          • madlyfe

            whatev.. no one said it was a bad thing..

            • Ha-ha

              i did…..

          • tloc

            jus makes u more sexy hun

          • Klon

            he means the space between your ears is probably hollow.

            • sketchygirl

              scuhrew you

              • Klon

                sorry honey, the line starts over there…..

      • aosux

        I noticed you have a very adequate gap as well. Good lookin out ml

      • madlyfe

        i will help you out gurly:… take a look at "#37"

  • Dave

    #39 Sara, Your ex is an idiot!

  • mattythegooch


  • weaponex

    lol, #26 is my ex-girlfriend!

    • Experiment 9

      mine too!

  • Dave

    #45 Great tush

  • Giggity

    #51 Kylie has the most amazing eyes and gorgeous face I've ever seen!

  • Ben King

    Chive, you have outdone yourself this time. Good work ladies!!

  • Dave

    #64 PLEASE FIND HER! NEED MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Giggity

    Btw where is Lizz?

  • John Self

    #46 Lose the nose ring. I've seen so many girls all tatted up and/or have piercings that would be so attractive without all the ink and metal. To paraphrase Vincent Vega: Who's the girl with all the shit on her face? It wasn't a compliment.

  • GI Joe

    #42 just sh%t myself

    • Frank The Tank

      can i wipe you?

  • Rahm Emanuel

    #39 and #47 Brian you are retarded!!! Oh and for #47 we the Chivers of the world retain custody of said Chivettes regards of how stupid ex-boyfriends are…it's a federal law not state so it's good everywhere! Cheers to you ladies!

    • indie rob

      #47 FTW

  • top dog

    #8 and #9. If you are active duty Military, never show your face, That can get you in a lotta trouble.

    • october

      Im not. But love and respect for the people tht fight for us.

  • heff

    geaux tigers #19

  • sceneitB4

    14 and 51
    These are tears of JOY!

    • sceneitB4

      #14 and #51

  • llama beans

    Lose the nose ring

    Still hot though, I must admit.

  • Ryan

    playstaion girl did not beat xbox girl…..

  • George

    #39 but if only you had lost the weight before, he wouldn't have broke up with you in the first place!!! I hate when girls get into shape after you dump her… It's ok i guess, one man loss is another man's victory

    • #39's Ex

      nope, she's a cunt either way, now she's just a cunt who thinks she's the shit.

  • llama beans

    I love all you beautiful Chivettes!!!

  • Clik

    After a long look through this post…I always enjoy the comment section to sum it all up! It's a 2 in 1 win!

  • bob

    #7 the "Hi Chive" must be photo shopped.
    Either she wrote this in mirror writing (which i doubt) or this was somehow shopped

    • meow

      well genius, considering how i am #7, i can tell you i wrote the sign, and by some stroke of genius, figured out how to use "flip" on picnik.

      • paulhitchcock

        meow ftw

      • Dunny_


        • Funk

          BROWN NOSE.

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