Friday facts fit for an obtuse king (10 Photos)

  • brad

    #10 driving blindfolded can kill you. no shit.

    • moop

      the reflection in the window looks scary

  • Shabs

    #9 I never knew that.

    • steve's x-friend

      Yeah. Remind me to never throw Monopoly money in the air. Sheesh!

      • Sneh

        But that's not really a big deal. If the US prints, say $2 Billion a year, I could print my own play money and make it $3 billion and win.

        • JHL1

          If you're not Parker Bros, I think spending that much money to print fake money would make you fail, not win…

  • rodrocks

    #4 I never knew that!

    • LazyTheKid

      Pretty sure Spartan's were Greek, not Roman. But whatev's.

  • CIA


    • Jimbo

      Actually, it's jousting and Lacrosse.

      • Jimbo

        oh….and crabcakes!

        • mrjimmyos

          What are, crabcakes?

          • MacnCheese

            Pick meat from one of the best tasting crabs, the Blue Crab. Mix the meat with bread crumbs, mayo, mustard and this great seasoning we grew up with next to our ketchup called Old Bay. Form into patties, deep fry or broil. Eat the pattie or put it on a kaiser roll with tomato, lettuce and some mayo. Realize why Maryland has the best seafood 🙂

            • mrjimmyos

              I must pick some up sometime

  • spacetrader

    #9 My guess is Monopoly money is a valid currency in Israel.

  • beersuaded

    #3 like a boss

    • ringGold

      count is bombin like a boss…

    • Fisheyes

      Tired comment is tired

      • Edhor

        …and that's a good example

  • WTFever

    Sells you blow, then finishes it with one line

    • CIA

      scumbag suzuki?

    • CIA

      scumbag suzuki??

  • Peter Griffin

    I find this meatloaf rather shallow and pedantic.

    • JHL1

      How can people thumb down that line?

      They must be shallow and pedantic…

  • nana

    #5 NO IT IS NOT. get your facts straight,

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      Is to!

    • Raksasa

      Lived in Indonesia for 3 months…they never caught me!

  • GarlicInYourEye

    #5 Fuck Indonesia. This picture is hilarious

    • UR dumb bro

      Yeah! Fuck Bali! Who cares if one of the best clothing optional beaches is there….

      • Simon

        there's your reason for masturbation prohibition.. silly, horny asians

  • McBeastie

    #9 isn't sad. If they printed real money like they print monopoly money, it would be worthless.

    • Chris

      Actually, that's not really true. Something like a mere 10% of our currency is in physical form. Not to mention much of that is actually held outside of the US. A vast amount of the "wealth" is merely digital, created by the financial industry. To my knowledge they don't usually print money to make more money, it'd be kinda pointless with the easier ways mentioned above. It is printed for convenience issues since we sometimes need physical money and since it is a physical entity, they must print to keep up with those that are lost to degradation.

      • ryan

        I believe he's referring to what the gentleman below me said. Inflation.

    • hamanahamana

      Yeah, inflation, bitches.

  • ROK

    "Per capita, North Dakota has more golf courses then any other state."

    not very hard when only 600,000 people live in the entire state.

  • Pete

    Regarding #4:
    "Payed" should be spelled "paid".
    Also, Sparta was in Greece, not Italy. So it has little relation to ancient Rome.

    Regarding #5:
    Which head?

  • Kenny

    9 yeah, but, monopoly don't have transactional banking, have you ever see a man buying an hostel directly with cash???

    • granddad

      I would if i could

    • JHL1

      This one time, in band camp, we were buying this hotel, and……

  • xianhatesyou

    "More Monopoly money is printed every year than real money is printed by the US mint. Kind of sad, really."

    NOT SAD. Very, very good. Why would you want us to print more money to devalue the USD? We print too much as it is…

    • steve

      thank you!

  • MattinAK

    Alaska's official sport is dog mushing… not f**king with you. Look it up.

  • Diana Santos

    #5 that feeling of dangerous must be aphrodisiac ^_^

    • aleXTC

      Diana Santos
      If that is really you in your profile pic, please send some of yourself

      • Diana Santos

        of couse that's me…why so many doubt? :S :p

  • SheOnceBelieved

    #9 Says thanks to our president

  • Wolfram

    Why would you want more money printed? That's why places in Africa have Trillion dollar bills. Print less = more value.

  • Negrodamas

    #1 "Then", indicator of time. "Than", indicator of comparison.

  • Ryan L

    i live in a town of 40,000 and we have 5 in town…most small towns here have one and there is more land and less people…even though we can only golf for like 5 months out of the year…

  • mike


  • ashleyging

    thanks for the random facts. i might blurt one out at the bar tonight hahaha

  • francis

    The Latin word for salt is 'sal', the word salary wasn't derived from the English word in Roman times. More specifically the word was 'salarium' which was a Latin word derived from 'sal' used to describe money used to buy salt. Whether or not Roman soldiers were ever paid in salt is debatable.

  • smartass


    Completely inaccurate. Take a frigging anatomy class. In humans, the olefactory nerves are nowhere near the nostrils.

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