Friday facts fit for an obtuse king (10 Photos)

  • Sitch

    #6 My horn is like a flute. Damn VW!

  • RazvanK

    Chive kinda got owned in this feature :))!

  • Steve

    Well monopoly better watch its back because I feel like that gap is closing. Study some economics Chive.,,QE3? #9

  • stephen

    2 we changed our official state sport a few years ago from jousting to lacrosse .. apparently lax bros are kind of a big deal in MD

  • stephen

    #2 .. sorry meant to post the thumbnail with it

  • Beau

    #2 is false, it is not the only state with an official sport. Texas' official state sport is Rodeo, passed in 1997.

    • JHL1

      Hey, if it's in a 1968 encyclopedia it must be true!

  • Stephen


    The US Mint doesn't print money, the BEP (Bureau of Engraving and Printing) does. Also, if the fact were correctly worded, it would still not be true; the BEP prints about $400,000,000,000 (Four hundred billion dollars) per year.

  • LJJ

    Are half of the facts even actually true ? Reading the comments does not help to think so….

  • oranglewat

    It's myth. I can assure you. And we do not stone people for committing adultery.

    Fun fact, we're the 2nd largest Facebook users. Yay!

  • Oh rly!

    #10 should read "Driving blindfolded in the state of Alabama can get you arrested. But it can get you killed anywhere in the world."



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