• Bill_More_Ray

    "The gods must be crazy" the reboot.

  • DRC

    What a trip

  • Logan

    WTF Chive! This is like 3 years old and it was a hoax!!! Do a little fact checking next time!

  • droog915420

    all can say is wow!!!!!

  • Sir_Real


  • urdad

    Leave them fukin alone.!!!!!!!! They dont need this crazy world and its rules.!!

  • Digifacts

    Love the digital artifacts around the plane, not to mention how well the digital layovers are. Top notch fake!!!!


  • Tommy

    This is how indians in the united states would still be living if the Europeans never taught them that you didn't have to live in mud huts and use leaves when you crap.

  • bramer

    mighthave been that way
    this CGI

  • Jim

    We must quickly drop bibles and get missionaries in there so they may know the word of the lord (the correct one) so they may know his kingdom lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/potgut Al Adriel Hinojos

    I remember this eons ago it was all over the media, months later the people behind this film admitted this was staged

  • MoMo

    So, how many human rights violations would you guess go on down there every day? I hate it when people romanticize "back in the day" or "uncontacted tribes." Lot of killing, mutilating, death, etc going on.

    • Pete

      Human rights is an interesting debate, but irrelevant here. Shared norms and values shape much of what we consider to be "rights" and the tribe will undoubtedly do the same – some will be like ours, and some will be different.

      Human rights are by no means universally agreed upon anyway, and you are making a huge assumption that these people are primitive and vicious. It isn't in their interest for a small group of people to routinely kill "lots" of their own people, otherwise they would quickly die out.

  • aaron

    we must find them and teach them the way of the chive!

  • moop

    it seems like there would be a lot of interbreeding going on there. That's a really small gene pool

  • Funsize

    Amazing! These tribes deserve to be protected. Hoax or not there really are many tribes that still live in the Amazon. The People, their way of life and the Amazon deserve respect and protection.

  • Pete

    Its not a hoax. It was produced with Survival for the BBC / Discovery series "Human Planet" – John Hurt narrates the UK version, and I imagine Gillian Anderson narrates the US version.

  • Pete

    They look digital because of the digital zoom being used. The plane is a long way from them, and whilst the optical lens is very good, they are still using a digital zoom as well.

  • RobbieBobbie

    please dont be jealous xx

  • MeanJoe

    Absolutely amazing!

  • Mr.Deichman

    Fake! Just another hoax like the moonlanding or evolution (Or as I like to call Evil-Ution, get it not evol, but EVIL. Thats right Evolution is a hoax invented by the Devil. He is laughing everyday at people believing in his horrible scam. People dont fall for this!

  • http://www.facebook.com/RDSBrazil Rafael Dos Santos

    ok guys, I'm from Brazil, and there isn't anything like "uncontacted tribes" around here anymore, this is just sentimental bullshit to sell…

  • mike

    Look at what happened to the amish

  • Nitty

    Chive, it's a fake. These same exact pictures made the rounds a couple of years ago and we're exposed as a hoax. I know your not going to take some commenters word for it, but there is no doubt whatsoever that these are staged.

  • iletastinky

    Someone should drop a Coke can.

  • jza

    So, are they subjects of the gov't?

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