• Raphael

    They were spoiled years ago by a plane, and it was reported. I think it's really lame that the old Huff' Po' and other major news organizations are getting away with presenting this as a "breaking" news story. We f**ked up their world by flying a plane over them at least 3 years ago. The images were of the men coming outside a hut and jabbing spears at the sky towards the plane, which they most likely thought was some kind of demon.

  • DaddyD

    I haven't read all the Chiver's posts, but apart from the fact that this is a hoax (propeller planes don't go that slow, and the motions of the "natives" are clearly not slowed down), doesn't anyone see the irony? We don't want to contact them in order to preserve their culture … but if we don't contact them, we can't benefit from their culture (or they from ours).

    • JesperA

      Haha fucking retard dude, if you have a really really large zoom lens and going in 43124325 mph and filming something 10 miles away it would also seem really really slow, how the fuck could you have used internet but not know about the very basics of optics and/or the basics of law of physics, fucking retarded n00bcuntass.

  • JesperA

    Would be awesome to fly with some of the fastest and loudes jetairplaines just above the top of the trees, ZOOOM WROOOM BANG, would scare the shit out of them 😀

  • HCSOPiggy

    The live in a world without Paris Hilton, The Kardashians and Justin Bieber. I envy them. Let them live in Peace.

  • Scott

    Was released a little while ago that it’s a hoax.

  • Art

    Dear Chive

    You Don't know what Time It Is! I've Reading about The "uncontacted Amazonians" One or Two Years Ago in The Newspaper in Germany

    • hMMMM

      Germany sucks. Stop claiming you saw this before when the FOOTAGE DIDN'T EXIST.

  • Anonymous

    And how exactly is the camera that steady from a kilometer away in a plane?

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  • Johnny Utah

    parachute in with a cell phone and convince them you're God.

  • MoD

    Never before comments saying OLD and FAKE were more true.
    Chive get your shit together.

  • wolf

    M Night Shymalanadingdong is starting legal proceedings already… "The Village" was his idea, and it's copyrighted.. damn tribal types stealing ideas…

  • Anon

    This was out years ago and proven a HOAX.

    • hMMMM

      the footage didn't exist a few years ago

  • Raphael

    There's no hoax morons. Grow up.

  • Grifo

    I just friended them on facebook again.

  • marvelgirl2


  • Nateb123

    Nothing pisses me off more than the one dimensional thinking of 99% of people on here. They see a primitive tribe and go "Primitive people are better off than us with our cars and our 9-5 jobs. We should let them be!" Way to romanticize ancient life assholes. Go on a vacation to fucking India if you think your life is a drag then come back realizing how nice clean water and a lack of child prostitution is.

    Meanwhile people in that village and others like it die from simple things like a scraped knee that got infected, or child birth, all because of "more civilized" peoples' bullshit nostalgia.

  • Yasir_Khan

    It reminds me of movie The Gods Must Be Crazy 😀

  • slick

    incredible, I had no idea…

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