• Beano


    • Leadbelly

      Apart from the tits what else is there?

      • @The_Scofield_

        She's cute too, but regardless, what more do you want?

      • abipolarguy

        you are correct sir, apart from tits what else IS there?

        • t234

          we'll see tomorrow. this is just the tease.

  • martin

    I've had a recurring dream about a smoking hot communist shotgunning a bottle of good whiskey for my viewing pleasure #4

  • parker

    YES #3

  • Wolfram

    Well Tuesday is looking significantly better! #3

    • gifted_beatnik

      howd u post a comment with the picture?

      tried copying link location….but….er….sorry distracted by the photo.

      • andysniper

        simply type #(number)

        • gifted_beatnik



          • gifted_beatnik

            sweet thanks holmes!

  • Fiasco


    • MikeK


    • hot carl

      i wonder how many simultaneous boners just occured? like a world-wide boner solstice.

    • EyeGuy

      Lupe??? is that you?, if so I love Japanese Cartoon!!

  • mcsgwigga


  • Anonymous

    I clicked many times, but the bra didn't open :(. Change the title please, Chive, you are misleading people.

    • Wolfram

      haha classic!

  • WTFever

    It seems now I have an Inter Gabrielle Ballistic Missile in my pants

    • ROK

      well played sir, bravo! *golf clap*

  • Pat

    Can't wait til tomorrow!

  • Melanie

    How many people will die sad if the world ended tonight??
    Just a thought.

  • kodakkid

    Damn it Chive now I have to come to work on tuesday.

  • Mark

    WOW!!!!! My Monday just got infinitely better! I can't imagine how well Tuesday is going to be!

  • Ghost of Regan

    Chive I demand you tear down this bra!!!

  • Brad

    In Russia, bra undoes you!

    In Russia, boobs motorboat you!


  • GarlicInYourEye

    Tease… much? Thanks.

  • obscure high movies

    #2 that's some mouth…

    • Dufius

      #3 that's some boobs…

  • charles

    You lil Minx!

  • Ian

    Yes please!

  • Sauru

    why is it not tomorrow yet?

  • Brad

    It seems to me that models are using the Chive to create a following. Continue please…

  • This Is Me

    Mein Gott in Himmel! (passes out on floor)

  • Jim

    Tomorrow will be a great day!

    • AdamBaldick


  • jim

    beautiful girl, horrible fake boobs. dime a dozen. look like two balls glued to her chest

    • Brad

      at least she is willing to show (most of them) to us…

    • 123

      I'm not so sure. They could just be packaged nicely. At this point I think the jury is still out. Not impossible that they're real. Smokin' hot either way.

      • Tom

        agreed with 123. they look smaller in the last picture. hard to say how big/fake looking with victorias secret push up.

    • Ethan

      If you can touch 'em, they're real…

    • Best Guess

      R U kidding? I would love to play with them types of balls

    • dick johnson

      my balls would be glued to that chest too

      • seriously

        She's wearing the miraculous bra from Victoria makes you two cup sizes bigger and makes every girl look like they have fake boobs. but fake or not, she's still smokin' hot!

        • Nateb123

          Fake boobs. I can tell from the fact the boob on the right isn't even supported by the bra and from having seen quite a few boobs in my time.

    • assbrigade

      Agreed a million times over. Fake tits, fake hair, lots of paint on her face. Pass.

    • dean

      seems like fake ones, that bra either doesn't fit properly or she has wonky boobs.
      sucks for girls like that, would totally nail her, but no way would i date/marry her.
      i know a girl like this, really beautiful, nice girl, had a very nice b cup, then she went full dd. she works in bars now, in a new relationship every two months because for the most part, only douchebags date girls who look like pornstars, half her 'boyfriends' cheat on her.
      feelsbadman, girls pay big money for fake boobies, get the attention they want, but not the attention they need.

      • sva

        that's funny, i thought only douchebags got on websites under assumed names to give armchair psychological analysis and pontificate about the flaws of girls they could only "nail" if their shipment of roofies came in and they hadn't dropped them all while riding the bull at saddleranch for the 8th time in a week. and assbrigade, i gotta hand it to you… usually one needs to see a picture of someone wearing a ed hardy t-shirt sitting poolside at the mondrian to really grasp what a pencil pecker they are but you've somehow managed to cut through the red tape and eliminate that all together. kudos!

        • dean

          umm, maybe i over-generalized a bit, but i've seen it happen a lot, to more than a few girls, including my ex-wife, there's no armchair psychoanalysis here, although i like how you are calling me out while doing the exact same thing. also, seems kinda lame to defend myself to someone like you, but honestly, would never ever roofie a chick, i won't even nail a chick if she's too drunk, there's no challenge and the sex is always bad.
          and the other dude was just giving his opinion, however brutally honest, and anyone who uploads their pictures under the assumption they are hot will get criticized and rightfully so.
          but kudos to you on the white knighting, i'm sure it gets you laid irl all the time.

        • Nateb123

          I'd rather hear some pontificating than mindless drooling of people who have standards lower than most mammals. The internet has too many pussies that get a boner at chicks who wouldn't be classy enough to live in a trailer.

          • sva

            the internet has too many dickless wonders like you…. fill in the blanks from there

            if you'd like to continue this conversation in person like,ya know, guys do…. feel free to ask for the guy who shows up with a hangover and kicks the bags off the beam at True Warrior Fitness on the corner of Melrose and LaBrea. Come on in for a sparring session and wear a diaper.

  • Mr_Rob


  • Giggity


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