• MeisterMon

    Where the #$%^ is the NSFW folder on this masterpiece???

  • @narog84

    4# where is that uniform from? thinking in joining the army ,dont know why

  • AdamBaldick

    I am interested!

  • opiateofthemasses073

    Ah, Tuesday… Tacos and Titties. Lookin' sweet.

  • droog915420

    is it tommorrow already

  • Arvzky

    At first I thought theChive was trolling us again, but oh God this just made up for me almost failing my test a while ago. Can't wait for tomorrow! 😀

  • JSumm

    Oh Gabby Bode…. this is a new low even for you honey. Have some self-respect!

    • mhartigan

      You're the little guy with the glasses right? When the Kentucky Derby comes around I've got a horse you can ride

      • SFE

        Seriously I gotta agree with J Gabs, this seems like a terrible choice. It's sad to see you reduced to this

  • Whuttt

    attention whore

  • jennhrose

    who are you people?

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Now I'm in love with the way she pulled us all in hehe…just loved it….I'm there….

  • sva

    You should put that in your facebook bio right before your love of Transformers 2

    "Will only start panting at my desk if I deem the ungettable girl on the screen appears 'real'"

    Maybe notify the firemarshall though as the stampede of ladies to your door may cause panic in the streets

    • assbrigade

      And that's clever because….?

      Sucks that there are so many insecure dudes on here who assume that just because someone uses this site/internet (you're included in that population, btw) and just because they can see past the bullshit of fake-looking chicks (i.e. the bleached blonde with silicone inserts and cover girl smeared all over her face), they must be either chick-less or lame. Too bad none of those apply. It'd be a somewhat decent attempt at an insult if so.

      If you think chicks who need to alter their appearances to be somewhat attractive are hot then more power to you. Good luck marrying one and having nasty-ass children due to shitty, hidden genes.

  • Tommy2X4

    That looks expensive.

  • justin

    I'm quiting my job tomorrow

  • adam Bieber

    I just came 4 times

  • Ivan

    who is she

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