• HankT

    I think it done make a person become insane…

    • josh

      your mom is going to hate it

      • Dionicio Orozco

        this game is an atrocity

        • JustinFL

          Rated M for Mature

  • Josh Gorter


  • skeptic

    Id like to see some of the process… its just a little too hard to believe.

    • Wackadoodle

      I think its bullshit, good for them if its not. The quarters are not uniform in size in a lot of their animations.

      • simon

        think so too. is to complex to be real anymore.

  • sku

    I dont even put that shism in my mashed!

    • Fapramento

      You win for referencing that so soon. Well done.

  • Jeff

    Those are definitely done with computer GFX

    • Sam

      agrees T__T

  • Patrick M.

    Skip to the 4:00 mark to see how they did it…

    • Wolfram

      I knew there was some devilry involved! Hah but seriously so awesome!

  • duuuude

    dat's a lotta quarterz!

  • Shawn


  • http://www.thechive.com Elbow

    I imagine these guys had no problems building the picture on the front of the Lego box as a kids

  • joe

    computer graphics arnt always the answer. Spoiled kids….

  • Airwalktdk

    I already bought dead space! Why wont you leave me alone? I did as you asked!

    • Emma Oliver

      i uew firefox and have an ad blocker. stop bitching and get one.

      • Emma Oliver

        use. i can also not type.

      • Vince

        Firefox sucks ass though, it's so slow.
        The same adblocker is out for chrome it doesn't block these ads though.
        The Chive said they were stopping the Dead Space ads.

    • Mike

      I lawl'd hard to this.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    hire Scumbag Steve as janitor on set…



  • AngryClam

    I noticed all the coins were face up except one. They need to redo it so it is correct.

  • Zee

    my eyes kinda hurt

  • John

    Remind me of an old Future Crew demo…

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  • gofistyourself

    wtf with the dead space ad ??? i thought you guys 86ed em !

  • Hungry NomNom

    Pretty crazy….

  • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221

    Makes me want to drop a hit and watch it again. Well done

  • partyofchive

    Too good to be real..

  • markfive29

    So, the computer told them where to place the coins for each frame….What's not computer generated?

  • Wilson

    This is computer done. The cloth never moves, and that dude's foot was in the frame when they took the pictures but it was never in the stop motion. There's no way they moved around on that cloth and didn't move it even a little bit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.nyborg Kevin Ocho Nyborg

    wicked cool

  • Mike


  • Grime D

    Holy goddamn fuckin shit!….My mind….blown…

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