It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (37 Photos)

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  • Pat

    # 37 FTW!

    • Boris


  • tommybhoy

    #5 Poor, poor Charlie….oh wait scratch that……Lucky, lucky Charlie

    • zdrake13

      He's living the American dream.

  • Justin Hall

    John, are you sure you can use these nondisauthorized images?

    • Sizzle

      Well played, sir.

    • Anonymous Person

      He got lucky the religion trolls didn't show up. If they do, he might as well quit posting that stuff because we don't want to read pages and pages of stupid arguments.

    • jamesr8

      Nondis what? —————————————————————————————–> Check Spelling

  • kelly

    dexterrrrrr!!!! #23

    • Ian

      Dexter Morgan NEVER gets the wrong guy he has a Code

      • Drunkula

        actually he did once

  • eroon

    #1 if they fly planes like they drive cars, then the problem is the "chinese airlines" on the side of the plane…

    • BigDingo

      Just to be clear… Chinese people's cars spontaneously burst into fireballs?

      • Terry Burke


      • facehole

        of course. dont be a jackass

  • tha drizzle


    • hitman219

      The Party Enema…credit to NOFX

  • waah

    #37 I know EXACTLY where the bong goes…. homina, homina!! 🙂

  • Franq Spencer

    hello world!

  • tha drizzle

    I'm getting a boat and all the bitches will walk around topless. Bitches loves being topless. #37

    • Wolfram

      That would be excellent but I don't think I'd invite blue panties. Pink and red can go.

      • Not Again

        I'll keep Blue with Red and Pink, and get rid of the dude! Someone has to make the sandwiches…

  • Wolfram

    #25 – lol. smooth
    #30 – ewwww

    • Saint

      #30 Is just 3 pigs, look at the baby in the middle :p

      • sistersugar

        it took me a whole 10 seconds of mouth-gaping, blank staring to see the pigsxD

  • eclipze

    BEER BONGGGGGGG MOAAARRRRR.. lol i'm going nuts with this site…

  • mipo2010

    #2, Do you understand the level of awesomeness that an automatic shotgun would reach… And #9 is just redundant

    • Wolfram

      9 – the sad part is someone, somewhere, got to see them in their full glory that day. But "we" never will 😦

  • Paula

    #4 is amazing


    • mipo2010

      eat a dick Paula!!!

    • Paula

      Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I don't mind.


      • Paula is yummy!

        There all jealous, Paula! Some wanna be you and others wanna be with you, I'm in the latter group! ❤

  • Wolfram

    #4 ohh I get it. Her vag looks like a beef sandwich.

    • 360 rules

      Plus, the arby's symbol looks like a penis.

      • sistersugar

        a penis with a fish mouth for a meatus

    • truthserum

      that was really fuckin funny

  • TCUchiver

    #27 needs pedobear photoshopped in!! HAHAAHA

  • Captain Obvious

    #37 Big Dong? No Beer Bong, turn up your hearing aid!!


    quality posting today chive, keep up the hard graft

  • sku

    Don't put that shism on my mashed!

  • Mr. Falcon

    #4 Is that horsey sauce? Hiyooooo!

    • Mikey

      Mr. Falcon, go to your room, I just sprayed my monitor.

  • Geekologist

    #18 Nope, just kidding…daddy longlegs (which are arachnids, but not spiders). Showing off my true geek!

    • Spidergeek

      Actually those are harvestmen (Opiliones). Daddy longlegs (Pholcidae) have 2 distinct body segments whereas in harvestmen the opisthosoma and promosa appear joined.

    • Wolfram

      I don't mind solitary spiders, and daddy longlegs are generally not bad at all IMO, but god damnit if that swarm came at me I would lose my shit.

    • Stevo

      flamethrower required

    • UPSgrrrL88

      idk which one's worse….pubic hair or spider?

      • rdh014

        Well, generally, if you part the spiders aside there is not a reward. If there is, then, well, there's just no hope for you.

  • Nick702

    #2 AA12 is my choice if there is ever a zombie apocalypse

    • Rick

      When you absolutely gotta kill every mothafucker in the room!

    • JDB

      I'd go with an M95 and get'em from a distance.

    • ade

      L2sword same range unlimited ammo 🙂

  • Nick702

    #9 is that a motorboat. If not I can change that

  • jared

    #4…wow, gives a whole new meaning to "beef curtains"

  • Joel

    #4 Is Great!

  • trulyrough

    I'd like to order…. eh, none of em. Thank you drive thru.

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