Kill Bill birthday cake… for a 9-year old (8 photos)

  • Barbarann Garrard

    There seems to be a little bit of confusion and I would very much like to set the record straight. Yes, I am the cake maker, and yes I am the mother as well. In fact, I have 4 children. I am NOT a business, ( i am not in “that biz” ) this is a hobby. I am self taught and have been decorating cake for a hobby for a year and a half. As far as the cake being inappropriate, majority of 9 year old american children are watching disney channel and asking for hannah montana cakes. My kids just dont happen to fall into that group.. I myself was always a square peg growing up- i much rather preffered watching the twilight zone, hitchcock, quincey ( i totally wanted to be a forensic pathologist when i was a kid, that ,and a rock star) zombie movies, sci-fi, the legend of kung-fu , clockwork orange, Tommy, rocky horror picture show.. Not typical stuff. I was a geek. i was different. I still am. And i think i turned out okay. I am not a violent person, and neither are my kids. I do NOT let my youngest child , who is 5 , or my 7 year old, watch some of the stuff that my 9 and 11 yr old watch. Each child matures at a different level and each child has thier own interests and I treat it accordingly. I DO draw the line with what they can and cannot watch… My kids LOVE a lot of the same movies that I do; violent AND non violent,,Some of the “violent” martial art type films that they like; crouching tiger hidden dragon, the last samurai, and Kill Bill. Yes it is a violent movie, yes it is bloody. But thats not the entire premise of the entire film.. there IS a story there. My kids also LOVE zombie flicks. shaun of the dead, resident evil,fido, dead alive, dawn of the dead… .(and no, there isnt always a real story, it is usually just fun ) they KNow it is acting and they do not carry those themes into thier real life scenerios-. My children are very intelligent, creative, empathetic, well rounded individuals They have Many interests and I support thier interests , to a degree/level i feel is appropriate for thier age and individual level of maturity and emotional readiness .I do NOT think that this cake, or this movie, is appropriate for MOSt 9 yr olds, i agree. there is a definate difference in children’s personalities and maturity levels. .it varies so widely and I parent accordingly. As far as the “MILF ” comments go, I am VERY flattered ! I wont be stripping naked for a photo shoot any time soon, (although , if you all REALLY want, I could submit a few pics.. I’ll try my best to look sexy or whatever.. LOL.. I still have not totally wrapped my head around the idea that I am a MILF or hot of whatever .. I think it is sorta funny, because i am actually just kinda regular looking in my opinion and kinda dorky..) but if you want to see other pics of me, in the mean time, you are welcome to “friend ” me on facebook..
    I also have a photostream at and my username is Cake Rhapsody. = )

    • 123

      Well said. I agree that each kid moves at their own pace. I'm also a big advocate of mind-your-own-business, and I don't think it "takes a village". A responsible and in tune parent knows what their child is or isn't ready for. I was watching Nightmare on Elm street at a very young age and I have yet to stab anyone with my finger knives in their dreams. Your cakes look incredible on flikr. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone when I say that we'd love to see more pics. I don't think you'll have to try to make them look sexy, either.

      • 123

        Super Mario one is my fav

    • Mr. Mike

      That settles it.

      I am more than happy to walk away knowing that you don't advocate "Kill Bill" as appropriate for 9-year-olds, in general. I adamantly agree.

      I also agree that you have the right to raise your kids any way you want to. That right is both a blessing and a curse, depending on who's doing the parenting. The evening news is proof of that.


  • fishdoctor

    How about a picture of Mom with a Chive themed cake?

  • atotalcad

    I'm going to frost Mom's cake with my icing.
    (or something along those lines)

  • Annon

    I am utterly disgusted that any nine year old child would even know what 'Kill Bill' was ………I think the cake, the decorations and everything is revolting and people like you should not be allowed to be parents …….there is an age rating on movies for a reason…………UTTERLY IRRESPONSIBLE

  • Tickler

    Yeah, cause allowing your 9 year old child to watch Kill Bill is normal. I forgot that at 9 they are mature enough to compartmentalize all that violence and killing. hmmm, but I still can't figure out why she has anger issues and is failing school…hmmmm

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