• mtpuckhead

    Dead Space 2 ads…..why you no go away?!

    *Adblock Pro for Firefox*

  • TRos

    did anyone else think the camera man sounded like herbert from family guy

    • Ty_

      I think the camera man had epilepsy.

  • TomDodds

    your mom is going to hate it…

  • Hungry NomNom

    Ahaaa I love little blondie… just wanna pinch those cheeks!!

  • Ninjentleman

    I have an idea! Lets complain about ads and forget about the content.

  • mackin

    Dear Chive, are you trying to drive us away? Will I be sitting around tomorrow thinking "I remember when I used to check this website called the Chive, but then they really wanted me to keep watching this lame ad, so I stopped visiting, and now I don't look at any of their ads?"

    Great Video other than the ad. Which is not quite as bad as saying that Our American Cousin was a great play aside from that thing which happened to Lincoln.

    • Barette

      How about you come to The Chive and have to pay for an account so they can have some income and keep this site running? FFS, it's 1 minute out of your life, which at the moment is spent in front of a computer. Y'all need to chill the fuck down.

      • Pepe

        Thanks Beverly I wish you could come with me too!! We’d have so much fun There’s a great hole in the wall diner with greasy omeetltes that are awesome and antique stores and artisans it’s a special place and sometimes I take it for granted

  • BongPimper

    Everyone complaining about the ads all you have to do is use a pop-up blocker. If you use Firefox get the add-on 'Adblock Plus'. No more ads!!!

  • Barette

    That vid was adorable. But, even though he's got some killer moves, that black kid could never beat the spastic fat white kid. No one ever can in a dance contest.

    • Opah

      Aren’t you just too funny! I almost faeitnd when I saw my name up there. It was totally freaky! I now will be having this for dinner tomorrow night. When I do my shopping for my client tomorrow I will take my own ingredient list and get ready for dinner. The potatoes will go great with my Oprah recipe for Honey Mustard Chicken and maybe some Sweet Peas with carrots. Gotta have a balanced plate for the photo!! Thanks for the shock, the belly laugh in front of the computer and best of all…THE RECIPE!!!! Photos will be on my blog late tomorrow night!

  • GotNothing

    Awesome! Fat kid FTW!

  • contra

    im not understanding this..ive never seen a dead space ad on here..

  • bossy

    like a boss

  • Rolis

    that made my day, thanks chive

  • Vince Soliveri

    Fat kid wins, cause hes white

  • Anonymous

    So sovet

  • kierra

    Call me

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