Smokin. Hot. Girls. (23 photos)


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    • Joe pancake


  • ItsShadesofGrey

    Would be the best thing I can think of to wake up to

  • FLHomesteader

    You know what they say… if she smokes she pokes.

  • Jesse

    Girls please don't smoke. as hot as some of these girls are they all lose points in my book.

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      I'm sure they're all heart broken.

    • AnyoneForCoffee


      What's the point of being hot and gorgeous if you're just going to smell and taste like an ashtray?!

    • Reality

      Oh no!!! That must mean something!! Not points in your book!!

      Plenty of people out there with absolute ass mouth that do not smoke. I'd rather smell smokers breath than some peoples that don't and have total funk face.

      So for all of you with sore vaginas because these chix are puffing one, go play in traffic, since you can't use 2 brain cells.

      • nemesis

        Wow, did you forget to change your diaper this morning?

    • Don_Aguelo

      Smoking has been an acceptable and appreciated activity for hundreds of years. It's only your wussy 90's 'merica media that manipulated you and now you think it is awful to smoke.

      Think about it! in the 80's it was still normal and accepted to smoke almost everywhere.

      Half of Europe and South America are still active smokers and believe me, you won't say no to a Brazilian girl just because she smells like smoke. It's like not humping because you were on a bonfire or BBQ. Nonsense!

      In no time, your government will start prohibiting salt and coffee. Healthcare will be glad to pay for the ads to wash your mind.

      Pure classic conditioning.

  • Picard

    meh…hot until you taste the ashtray…

    • Brad

      And smell the ashtray in their hair, and on your clothes…

  • Paula

    So Chive…. why am I not in this gallery?


    • ????

      oh oh i got this one… your not hot. easy point thank you.

    • unnecessary

      Is it because you're a stupid, bitch-a$$, cum-stained, hoochmonkey that annoys everyone on the chive with "her" trollery?

      Yes, that is exactly why.

      • unecessarysmom

        and your not getting any so you pick on girls cause mommy spanks you every night..!!
        thats precisely why your singleyou gingermonkeyshiteatingpukeaholic

      • unecessarysmom

        furthermore clean up your room before i come up with your new dad and teach you another lesson you ginger!!

    • paulaforsmokingqueen

      perhaps you need to post some pics

      • Paula

        Oh I've submitted one that will drive y'all crazy, really hope they post it.


        • Paula

          Aaaaand they did! The tatoo in today's DAR Love you Chive!

          So many hugs…

  • ♦K♦

    I'm not feeling this one.. The whole smokin' thing just doesn't do it for me..

  • Skedaddle

    I hate it when my dick smells like smoke. Oh, ok. Fine. I’ll live with it just this once.

  • Damian

    hmm…not sure how I feel about their taste in black bar accessories…but whatever.

    #8….Chive. Pants. Chive in my pants. Nice!

    • Brad

      she's the actress in "Boardwalk Empire", tons of nude pics on the internet…

  • Nick702

    I have something better for you that you can put in your mouth

  • Wolfram

    Bleh smokers.
    Anyone know who #6 is?

    EDIT: WTF, edit feature is clearly working properly…

  • IDontSmoke

    Passive smoking never felt so good!

  • llano2

    A 10 will drop to a 5 if she smokes.

    • Jen

      i bet she gives a fuck.

  • Brad

    the girl's hair stinks like smoke too, the whole time you are with a girl that smokes you are thinking "ugh, she stinks, but at least I'm hooking up"

    • Roger

      I love the smell of smoke in a woman's hair.

  • Chris

    My Ex, would be perfect for this gallery, but we are still friends, and she would most defiantly wouldn't approve

  • KLR

    As a hot girl and a smoker, I'll totally own up and say that smoking is not sexy!

    • snorkleforkle

      prove it..?

    • hMMMM

      yeah…cig in between your tits or GTFO

  • peter piper

    smoking shrinks your penis- true story, trust me I used to be huge…

  • Danny P


  • ISU Birds

    #6 Sensational!

  • Mark

    Baby, you light my fire.

  • Catch

    not a big fan of the smell

  • floscar

    Smoking chicks used to do it for me back in the day. Now I wouldnt want to mess with them.

  • El Jefe

    Epic fail. There's ZERO hot about these photos.

    • Wilber


  • Mummy

    #7 and #21 have the same boobs

  • ern23

    #7, #21, Chive, that's why you need an UNCENSORED section!

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