Smokin. Hot. Girls. (23 photos)

  • Catence

    I'm sorry, is there a girl in #11? I got distracted by the shoes. 🙂

  • brazzers

    I cannot believe how soft everyone is, these girls are fine as hell. I love how all these virgins are grossed out by a little smoke

  • EZEE

    Actually I did eff a hot smoker – and, almost hurled. It really IS like kissing an ashtray. I couldn't be around cig's for about 6 months after that. Even looking at these – sure, they are hot, but wow.

  • Buketoff

    I was just thinking that I should begin to take photos of smoking people – now that it´s illegal to smoke even at your own balcony, it has became really rare to see people smoking. And I know that it´s a bad habbit, and it kills and all that, but it IS very photographic. Loved these pics!

  • paulhitchcock

    Because listening to a hot chick with emphysema hack up a lung is sexy? No thanks.

  • Eric VDM

    Cancer is sexyyyyy

  • Boscoe

    What would be REALLY hot would be to get future sexy pics of them in their hospice beds smoking through their trach tubes… 😛

  • Terry Burke

    i don't care how hot a girl is. smoking kills it

  • tst4eko

    INSTANT turn off for me. Dated a smoker ONCE. Never again.

  • Ken

    Chive – Don't listen to the temperance freaks! I love this photo set! MOAR! I'll have an order of #1 and #13, please!

  • orange

    Cigarettes remind me of death. Not sexy.

  • scharfy

    Yuck. The ciggies totally kill any hotness for me. 😦

  • Jessica Condrey

    I could never kiss a guy who smoked .
    Sorry, but you gotta love your body if I'm gonna be lovin' on it too 😉

  • >18Only

    I better get my boots on the bullshit in this thread is getting deep. You haters would probably lick the ashes off these hot naked bodies; if they allowed you.

  • babymistakes

    Nothing's hotter than an emphysema fueled, oxygen intake struggle during a passionate boning session.

  • Josh

    #4 looks like Olivia Wilde.

  • eliteskater08

    I almost managed to work up a semi.

  • Tomas

    Not interested in kissing an ashtray.

  • anon

    #15 is Irina Shayk, I think!

  • AWK

    Why all the hate for smokers?

  • 89gloomis

    All these women would be twice as hot without cigarettes…..Two thumbs down.

  • JHL1

    I used to smoke to keep from gaining weight.
    Now I keep gaining weight to keep from smoking.

  • Mexican

    #4 por favor

    • Mexican

      I mean #14

  • Spaniatd

    Mas #19 por favor

  • AtomManhattan

    There's nothing I love more than a woman with a big case of oral fixation.

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