Smokin. Hot. Girls. (23 photos)

  • northerner

    No, actually.

  • Careverga

    What are you gonna do? Smoking IS sexy… Unless you're already unsexy to begin with, it multiplies it!

    Sorry, anti-smoking nazis!

  • ashleyging


  • simmel

    I wanna see naked nipples on TheChive … only once … pleeeeeaaaassseeee !!!

  • Keith

    Now why could #18 be so much sexier (to me) than all the others? 🙂

  • LE FU

    Smoking is for RETARDS

    • AWK

      No shortage of mature responses on the chive

  • nate

    no eva mendes from we own the night?

  • NdP

    #17… Daywalker Magee

  • Johnny Fever wkrp

    #18 Carlsberg and a blunt = Dream girl

  • RicoSan80

    Why no Sienna Miller pics from the movie "Alfie"?

  • Aaron Archambault

    you are all pussies, I smoke real cigarettes and do hood rat shit with my friends. It is fun to do bad things. But in all seriousness, "i hate the smell" "there is nothing hot about it", blah blah blah, cigarettes and booze are a great way to curb old age, and either you want to drive down the wrong side of the highway in your truck or you don't, I will take don't.

  • PinkBlizcuit

    #13, #23.

  • hot fire

    why the black bar???

  • Nicholas Rock

    Who is #13? I need to find her.

  • Kevin

    you can tell which of these ladies actually smoke beyond their photoshoot

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