These dangerous jobs eat gravity for breakfast (22 photos)

  • ern23

    Kind of glad I'm sitting at my desk now.

    • Spidey

      -Hell no, I don't care how much you pay me
      -what if we told you that you get to wear a spiderman costume everyday?
      -I'm in

    • funtclaps

      you forgot to say first

  • MikeK

    I'm in!!!

  • @importantcrap

    Like a boss.

  • Flicka

    Fuck that! n-n-n-n-n-nooooo way!

  • Nick

    #3 Stay off that crank brotha!

    • Gecko

      where is this?

  • unnecessary

    Show me something truly scary, like Snooki's vagina or Paula's profile pic! …shudder…

  • Paula

    #3 has a steel pair!


    • LOLWUT

      *Facepalm* Goddamnit Paula…

      • Darksoul

        I see nothing wrong with the point initially stated. I'd let those windows stay dirty.

    • jason in pc

      ok, i missed something here. i am a regular here on the chive but i am just noticing this paula person abd the general hatred of them. wtf did i miss? where does this stem from?

      • The Real D. Nozzle

        The Real D. Nozzle.

      • hMMMM

        If you were actually a regular…

    • gofistyourself

      hey paula, blow me while i shit !

      • Paula

        Only when you promise not to fart. Because that would be inappropriate.


  • Royce

    Can't say you would get bored with some of those views. Wow.

  • Peter Griffin

    #21 Look Lois, Im a boogie! hehehehe

  • tommybhoy

    #5 Now thats just cool…but wouldnt be possible on a Monday morning with a major hangover

  • Go get your shinebox

    I think we finally found Scumbag Steve a job…cleaning the snot out of George Washington's nose on Mt. Rushmore!

  • spiderman

    awesome. where can i apply?

  • KYLE

    Isn't #1 the World Trade Center ?
    If it is…

    Gravity 2 : Job 0

    • Sarge Hulka

      sure is, was.

    • sully23

      nice douche comment kyle. true, but didn't need to be said

    • Joey Canicas

      oh I get it… you hate America… well done sir, well done

    • flow

      roflol really clever joke

  • Wolfram

    Yeah… no thanks.

    #2 like a boss

  • former_wilbury

    #6 Should be required attire for everyone working in that position

    • Gregory Nelson Courtney

      Agreed. or a ninja outfit. either or.

  • BigDingo

    I think they must start from the top and descend cause there is no way they would have the strength to pull themselves up with such huge brass balls.

  • Trollox

    7minutes so skim it, the view is amazing

    • Darksoul

      Been trying for a while to find that video since I first saw it on a cracked article, thanks…should have looked for the article anyway.

    • Catence

      These videos freak me out! I am WAY too much of a wimp to even attempt that.

      • Gecko

        "off in the distance, I can hear a Thunderstorm. I better hurry the top" ~while carrying my tool bag

  • Jen

    noooo thank you.

  • Zee

    Pretty cool! I love heights and it would be a pretty rad experience.

    I'm in!

  • Spocker

    #1 You DO realize that this building no longer needs washing, right?

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Sorry yall this white boy is'nt doing that shit for no one are all the money in the world….fuck that….SHIT..

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      your lack of syntax, disgusting grammar, and unpronounceable name prove you're no white boy. Nice try though.

  • Tom

    #9 This is eerie, the man was my neighbor when I was much younger,he was a window washer at Rockerfeller Plaza(50 years ago).

    • Gecko

      Prove It…

  • Kotlet

    Been there done that.
    For 5 years of all over Toronto, the view gets old, the adrenaline kick does not. Had to go rock climbing a few times once I quit to get over the addiction.
    You ride on 2 ropes rated at ~ 10 000lbs, the safety rope holds up to 15 000lbs, getting on the chair and moving lines while walking on the edge is the fun part. Everyone smokes up there.

    • Paula

      Thanks for all the info youre super duper smart.


  • Grant

    Do these guys need a wheelbarrow to haul around their massive brass balls?

    • alex

      No. They use dump trucks.

  • rdh014

    #15 Dude looks like the cleaner picking up that gold tooth on Bloodsport.

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