These dangerous jobs eat gravity for breakfast (22 photos)

  • tsukushi_

    #10 the future?

    • Sheen

      #10 is the top view of Burj Khalifa, the bottom view is the magnificent fountain….

  • brad

    What do you do for "bring your kid to work"-day?

  • J.J.

    #1 doesn't exist any more.

  • Daner

    Thats real men right there! You forgot a few jobs similar to that chive. How about hanging close to 100ft above to water under an active oil rig painting it or hanging on top the oil derrick 150ft up above a steel floor swinging drill stem pipe while hanging by ropes. That takes balls too.

  • Wilson


    I don't think that's his job. . . He's just an idiot.

  • partyofchive

    Makes me think why the fuck r they wearing helmets???

  • TylerV

    "Balls…They has them"

  • @Zordabo

    LIKE A PRINCIPAL (like a boss is a shit comment, most bosses I've had were douche bag cunt assholes)

    • BigJuan

      didn't know many principals that weren't db cunt assholes either. but what do i , no i not whent to skool and i does't werk/ handshakes BigJuon

  • northerner

    NO BLEEPING WAY! It hurts just looking at the pics. I stopped after the first few. Couldn't take it. Severe fear of heights. On a ladder maintaining my single level rancher is my limit.

  • GotNothing

    Ok, so now I see why it was a good idea to stay in school.

  • Lynne McNaught

    My palms are sweating from just looking at these. Eek!

  • Mark

    To these men, vertigo is a myth.

  • Peter Bergman

    My father used to do ''swing-stage'' work in Chicago.
    He took pride in it but I get a nose bleed on a high curb.
    A couple times he had to go out and get some one
    who either froze or had an equipment problem.

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