We’re not short on ‘Find Her’ requests (27 Photos)

  • Nick702

    #12 #23 So I can sleep a little less at night

    • http://twitter.com/mikeydangerous @mikeydangerous

      #23 is a portrait by Daiana Wirth, so you gotta bug her for the model's name: http://daianawirth.deviantart.com/art/Portrait-3-

      Her name is Luciana, and she's Mexican.

      The rest is on you Chive!

    • tomy

      #12's name is renata iwanski google her and enjoy my friend!

  • Paula

    I know someone else the Chivers want to find… 🙂


    • schwartzensteinberg

      I'd like to find you and Dexter Morgan in the same room together

      • Paula

        Well he could use me now that Lumen is out of his life, right?

        Wrapped in plastic,

    • Everyone

      Dear Paula,

      Your futile attempts to get our attention are about as welcome as your hermaphroditic excuse for a pecker shoved up your cavernous man-gina. (This means go fuck yourself.)

      Middle finger,

      • Paula is an ASS

        Paula is an ASS….that is all

        • lolnonomous

          I'm so ready to hate. I just don't know why. Anyone care explaining the Paula hate? It's amusing.

          • aaron

            Its like the super touchy slow kid in your class.. You want to be friendly, but you can tell that "she" is sitting there ready to be first to kiss, hug, touch you… and your like ummm teacher… I got to run off now.. Something like that I imagine…

            • schwartzensteinberg

              I'd relate it more to like that art major student who is really weird and so proud of his / her weirdness. like the preview for that new show on mtv, my life as liz or or whatever it's called. Don't really remember, all i know is i want to dropkick her

    • Conor

      Your future murderer?

      • Freitz

        I bet someone from the Chive office is actually Paula, they just like to screw with us 😉

        • Paula

          Nope, but like them I do like to screw with you a little ❤


  • Dallas

    #13 is Danica Thrall i believe.

    • http://twitter.com/mikeydangerous @mikeydangerous

      Right you are, sir.

    • KevN


  • martin

    #21 anybody?…. ANYBODY?

    • ????

      agreed, i would love to have her in that same position

    • snorkleforkle

      at your local high school…or pedo bears van..or in your sisters bedroom

    • Mr_Rob

      Oh, god.. SHE!!

    • iamqueensboulevard

      praise the lord

    • Leadbelly

      I know who she is.
      A desperate narcissist like most of the girls on this site.

  • Wolfram

    #1 I'm not a big fan of huge tattoos and nose rings but DAMN she's hot
    #12 Looks like a dirty porn star. One I want to find! Who is she?
    #15, #22 a couple of fine specimens

    And yay for #26! Can't wait

  • Wolfram

    You fail so hard.

  • Your Mom's Dog

    #1 #15 …MOAR!!

  • HankT

    #6 is insanely hot…

    • S.O.B.

      Not trying to be an assclown, but she looks like she is my ex. If they "find her" I will send in some pics that will destroy this one…video as well ha!

    • zym

      She's a former Chivette. I remember commenting on her not putting her shit away.

      Bed's not a dresser, Missy!

  • aaron

    #16…"Home is where our story begins" Gay. Request denied.

    • Your Mom's Dog

      I was thinking the same thing. Maybe dude should try asking the people who were at his party. Or, maybe he should have had the balls to approach her.

    • Will

      She was at your house and you want the Chive to find her? lol where is the logic?

  • ????

    lolwut! #16

  • Fisheyes

    #21 is just begging to be shopped.

    • baldy

      OH, there goes my afternoon at work…

    • Jim

      shes the best

  • Lev

    Her name is Lacey, and I present to you a video of her being hot.
    You're welcome.

  • Mike

    #10 find her please

    • NOUU

      not interested in looking at asian ladyboys.

  • StevenP

    #18 is Catherine Lee, and she works in Atlanta for Delta Airlines training and customer service..When the video first came out, I found her in a Air employees chat… She was so kind as to even say hello.

    • Brad

      too much plastic surgery…

    • quo

      I definitely got an obsession with this sexy red

    • Link

      Thanks! Figured she was an actress. Love the part where she tells me that smoking is prohibited and wags her finger!!!

    • Link

      They call her "Deltalina" and she's quite popular! http://atlantafinehomes.com/blog/?tag=delta-fligh

      • TheInstructor

        Ugh I cant stand her, I hate watching the safety vid when her annoying voice and massive mouth shows up. I cant beleive she is on here.

  • not your avr guy


    • Wolfram

      Congrats, you've raised the bar for failing hard. Might as well go stab your ball sack with some needles now as anything to be born with your genes will be nothing but a tax burden.


    I'll take a post from #1 please… thanks!

  • kelly

    girl from tosh videos #9 is model Megan Abrigo and she's so hot (girl crush)

    • kelly

      her twitter page – http://twitter.com/MeganAbrigo

    • Brad

      latinas rule!! abrigo means coat in spanish…

    • Spawn of Achilles

      She was in my class in college. Cute girl.

  • big meech

    #1 sometimes tattoos on a girl can be really freakin hot

  • TheThinker

    #19 is anne vyalitsyna according to tineye…

    • Alex

      Yup, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model

    • Tom

      Otherwise known as "Anne V". She's an SI model.

    • GimmeaHighChive

      pretty sure thats one of the hanson brothers

  • Seldi84

    #1 & #22 must be found and statues built in their honour

  • BeccaB86

    #16 – I get it dude.

    • baldy

      yeah she's hot…

  • AnyoneForCoffee
  • Matt

    #23 should be a top priority.

    • Davyb123


      • seconder


    • sirforsyth


    • northerner

      Actually, her top, is the top priority…removing it to nibble on those gorgeous pokies…and I also "Third" the motion…

  • Sarah

    some of the pic requests i found a little surprising… most others WHOA!

  • Senor Rock

    Chive, find #21. She looks like she wants to show more.

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