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We’re not short on ‘Find Her’ requests (27 Photos)

  • Terry

    #22 and #23 a must find

  • mrjimmyos

    Chive, never short on stalkers 😀

  • Kapper89

    #21 #25 hot stuff

  • iambigd42

    #12 is perfection
    #21 is all kinds of dirtyness

  • cody

    pretty sure #12 is Stephanie Glasson

    • paulhitchcock

      Although I can't find that exact pic, I believe you're right.

      • Wolfram

        Even if it's not her, it's worth googling.

    • Clark

      her name is Renata Iwanski

    • slick

      I love it when you google it and realize she's a "hands on" kinda model.

  • Rob

    #10 is Kana Tsugihara

  • Swaaalow it

    Just swallow it already babeh…its good for you, lots of protein. I dont tolerate spitters…you kapeesh me??!!

  • Joe McNinch

    #17 I like the way this guy thinks! I was just about to do the same thing!

    • Steve

      As soon as I saw this ad I knew she would be on Chive today! We want MOAR!!!!

  • Steve"Not a Scumbag"

    Yeah, yeah definitely number 6 yeah definitely. Oh and find out what's up number 14's shirt as well…please let it be a PP&J.

  • amy

    #20 is Lori Fabrizio

    • smokey

      super cute/hot ! a photographer too !

  • Ick

    #17 looks like Susi Kentikian.

    • Brad

      oh god, definitely not susi, susi is a beast…

  • lfsg

    there are random find her request among us, chive

  • Matt

    #12 #23

  • Straggler

    #14 Is that a remote controlled "personal massager" under her shirt?

  • llano2

    DON'T find #1 #3 #8 #14

    • Wolfram

      I agree on 3, 8, 14. But not on 1. She looks amazing, tats and all.

  • moar

    your mission – #1, #6, #23, #5, #13 – find them!

  • Jason

    #16 I'm with you man…..make it happen.

  • Bobby

    #1 and #21 are must finds…

  • brad

    #1 , #6,#15 please…

  • bowhuntpa

    OH LAWD #12

  • @Pasha723

    #22 has more pics on this site but I can't find a name.

  • cuda

    #7 is a man, #13 is Danica Thrall, i have a "fuck her" request in for that one.

  • Dan

    #12 is a winner of a Maxim Hometone Hottie or FHM High Street Honey girl. I've seen her before I just can't remember the name.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Find them all gooooo get them Pleasessssssssssssss

  • Spocker

    #18 Three initials – DSL

    #23 You have to find this one, you just have to.

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