We’re not short on ‘Find Her’ requests (27 Photos)

  • Joe Podplesky

    TheChive should open a detective agency, even if they only solve 25% of the cases you're sure to be satisfied with the results every time

  • Odie

    I'm curious where the picture for #14 even came from. I can probably tell you who it is. A girl I went to college with in New York.

    • lolocaust


  • http://twitter.com/chris_j0hnston @chris_j0hnston

    I'm going to have to go with #5 !! I love seeing the strings 🙂

  • Rob

    #5 #6 #22 more and then more again

  • ecastroe08

    I really need #2, #12, #13 and PLEEEEASE find #18!! come on chive

  • jeff

    #15 is the best of them all

  • TRD101

    #3 Find her please!!

  • trulyrough

    how about finding a non-durp picture of two guns and a sword girl?

  • markkens

    #21 I always like a girl that comes with handlebars

    • Adam

      she looks like haley wilde

  • tonokenobi

    How about finding mynx????

  • RWD

    FIND MORE #6

  • Erik

    Where is the love for #4

    • Chris


    • sarahbear121

      We need to find her!

      • Foxhunter

        facebook profile: Sarah Beswick

        p.s. she claims to be a Megan Fox lookalike …..

        • sarahbear121

          You're awesome Foxhunter! She was my submission for the 'Find Her'. I had no clue how the hell I'd ever figure out who she was.

        • jonathan

          haha I was scrolling through this and i actually have her as a friend on facebook

  • Dan

    #2 very rarely do i have this much trouble deciding which i like better…….blonde or brunette. after having a starring contest for about 30 minutes i think im in love with the blonde…..FIND HER PLEASE!!!!

  • kodakkid

    #5 I almost fell off my chair thinking of all the things I would do to her
    #14 there must be more pics that show better detail of that tail

  • chris

    # 15 is Alie Layus

  • Matt

    I'm pretty sure I know who #1 is. No joke.

    • Matt

      I stand corrected, I thought this was Dani-Doom, look for her in Rebel Ink Chive, you won't regret it.

  • NPG

    #15 Alie Layus

  • Mike

    #24 looks really cute

  • Syraphym

    definitely more of #23

  • Dunny_

    #27…Lauren's got just a spetacular body.

    • serially

      so. damn. right.

      Hottest natural looking chick ive seen in a while.
      MOAR please!

    • kylemeister

      Amen to that.

  • Inspector_Gadget

    I could be wrong but I am pretty sure #11 is snorgtees model Lacey Buchanan…

  • webnapster

    #19 Luba Shumeyko

  • Dave

    #12 & #23 Please place at the top of your list!

  • Ben

    #3 is adorable, I'd like to see more of her

  • Bud

    #12 OMG!!!!!

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