A tank makes one hell of a wedding ride (18 Photos)

This wedding in Wales shows a type of insanity I can only dream up in the movies.
These images via tanklimo

  • Jesse

    not a tank! it is an APC!

    • aaron

      I wonder why they don't call it apclimo.com. Play along, chief. No one likes a smart-ass!

  • Dave23

    And everyone told Jim Tanklimos was a bad idea… psshh

  • Wolfram

    Ok, but can you drive it? It would only be fun if you could get your wedding party in there, and then crush some cars!

  • chuck

    lucky bastards.

  • Nick

    Like a Boss!

  • RangerW

    Only in the UK can you legally drive a tank on public roads. Win Win!

    • dave

      not true, Ive done it in Canada, Germany, and Afghanistan. Besides its not even a tank. that's a mess of various APC parts

      • ronfin

        Looks like a really ef-d up M113

  • Nick702

    Get the bitch a tank. Bitches love tanks

  • Treaded

    Now that is what I'm talk'n bout! Man I want to redo my wedding now…

    • Gecko

      and this time i'm wearing a cowboy hat

  • http://twitter.com/withquotation @withquotation

    #11 leaving a wedding like a BOSS!

  • Gern Blanston

    …and there it is, the queen mother of dumb ideas

    • clickhere

      we hate u

    • turtle flipper

      no, serious….everyone hates you

  • DerkaDo

    Whats a tank if you dont get to blow shit up!

    • Mike

      A tank.

      • top dog

        It's dead weight.

        • Gecko

          an armored mode of transportation

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  • lutjiano

    Maybe it could shoot some white doves in the air?
    Not killing them put shooting them out of the barrel XD

  • guest

    this is an APC not a tank

    • turtle flipper

      stupid comment…your a website crasher not a guest. See how dumb that is?

  • davisrj

    I'm gonna go ahead and say they might expect some domestic violence somewhere in the near future!!! Just a thought!

    • qwerty

      They got a freaking tank….what makes you think its gonna remain 'domestic'?

  • Mega-Tron


    • majorfathead

      *an APC

  • mgreen

    Anyone else want to say its a APC…………WE know just enjoy!!!!

    • sean

      Looks like a tank to me!

  • BloodScrubber

    Just what every marriage needs. More armor. B)

  • dmm

    do the random naked guys (#6) come with it, or do you pay extra?

  • MrCjv

    Ok, even though i didn't see the bride smiling in any of those pictures its ok. Why? Two reasons: She's never gonna let him live it down (that son of a bitch) and she has him by the balls because of it for better or worse until death do them part, lmmfao! Good job dumbass, good job.

  • Carlos SLB


  • norm

    this is APC not a TANK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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