Cat GIFS are like currency for retards

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  • Naz1962

    #11 is funny as shit! Lol … poor cat spun his wheels and couldn't get a good launch!
    #7 cat is just a retard, lol … trying to jump onto the chair's shadow instead of the chair itself, lol

    • paulhitchcock

      Look closer. #7 is trying to catch the dot from a laser pointer on the wall.

      • Naz1962

        Ohhh yeah, I see what they did there …! lol

  • who knew

    Catnip what a wonderful drug.
    Had a cat who always badly missed jumping after giving it catnip.

  • @withquotation

    #9 watch it and hum the A team theme song. EPiC!

  • Brad

    hey chive, you shouldn't use the word "retard" anymore, it's not funny…

    • Dood

      You're a retard, Brad. Ha ha! It's funny because it's true…

      • Brad

        no, it's not funny because it's very insensitive and hurtful for people with down syndrome and their families…

        • Rob

          Everything is funny, Brad. Otherwise, nothing is…

  • xglyphx

    #9….Like a Boss

  • Bud Ugly

    #3 was hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    #6 hypnotized kitties?

    • Cristyano

      You didn’t answer the apitsnam question correctly, your comment was not saved. Press “Back” and answer the question better.Just to be sure that your message won’t be lost – copy it now to the clipboard. 搞得我很紧张来着.. 特地来留言测试一下下….果然..是啥子插件啊?压根都木有问题出来

  • Lynne McNaught

    #3 made me cry 😦

  • Orly

    Retards? Really? You're bigger than that, Chive.

    • Claudia

      Hey Joel I didn’t know it was bring your kids to the pool day! (I know we are dorks) but how funny that was sort of a picture of nigths to come! And yes you and your sister make some pretty cute little kiddos!

  • SoMuchPun

    #2 Looks like yet another game of cat and mouse.

  • Seannerz

    #6 Do they have fishing line around their feet? Not cool.

  • clickhere

    cmon no catnip jokes ? how about #6 ?

  • alysinwunderland

    #10 now that is a badass feline.

  • busternut

    # are they being electrocuted?

  • Jester

    Fucking awesome. 😉

  • MacnCheese

    #9 does anyone else hear that bionic woman sound effect as the cat is jumping?

  • bob

    #6 were they electrocuted? im being serious

  • Henrik

    If I laugh does that make me a retard?

  • Chris

    #8 is awesome.

  • Mandy

    #6 isn't funny. Either they have a string tied around their front paws, they have shock collars on, or they have a rare muscle disorder. Not cute. Just sad.

  • SlackerX

    Its a African Serval, you can own them as pets in most states.

  • WillyBumBum

    #10 is a serval… they're legal to have as pets in most states

  • phideauxe

    Borderline animal cruelty. Lame

  • Dom

    Er, #10 is a Serval. They're available, bred with house cats, as a Savannah. Both are very affectionate breeds, but Servals are tough to maintain if you're unprepared. Read up on them a LOT before considering one.

  • Anonymous

    I definetly need the 4th cat..

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