Daily Afternoon Randomness (44 Photos)

Thanks again to Madison Gregory for the Dumb and Dumber shot.

  • Fat guy

    Done like a boss. I laughed my fucking ass off.

  • Benjiman

    #36 Find them!

  • Himynameissmile

    #33 actually he was a few years too late.

  • Joshua

    Chive, you have got to find out who the chicks with butterfly pasties and colorful short skirts are.


  • kokokoko

    Just Love It xD

  • kokokoko


  • kokokoko

    Please be true, Please be true, Please be true……

  • jeplant

    History Channel has been a major disappointment for years now. Most TV pretty much. I just watch Maury now. Reminder of how we're all so screwed here in the USA.

  • http://twitter.com/DanBoeVen @DanBoeVen

    The thing is, after getting to know the concept of Chivettes a LONG time ago, i think in #40 the unedited is MUCH MUCH more hot and beautiful.

  • Kendra

    #16 where the fuck is this?!?!

  • Keith_D

    Chive, I humbly submit (however late it may be) my list of girls that I would like found…

    #2- The girl in the glasses behind the blonde
    #28- The third one whose smile you can see
    #36- All three would be welcome, but mostly the two brunettes
    And of course, #42

    That is all.

  • P Dangerously

    #31 photoshop tit.

  • Noffles

    #31 …. I can go blind happily..

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