Epic caves around the world (25 Photos)

These photos and all the cave locations at buzzfeed.

  • tommybhoy

    #11 Its pics like these which makes you appreciate how awesome the Earth is!

    • DCMOFO

      I think the same thing when I see a nice rack attached to a proper ass.

    • PJee

      too bad they use colored lighting to 'improve' things to their vision, I prefer neutral lights

      • Murray

        Too true. Same with space pictures. If you think planets and nebulas are really that colour, I have some bad news for you…

      • Mattingly

        None can doubt the veracity of this atilrce.

  • Sanman

    Amazing pics! #17 Looks like Superman's fortress

    • Jules

      I believe its a Gypsum cave in Mexico, if it is I think its slowly filling with water.

      • Keyla

        Holy concise data bmatan. Lol!

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  • BigDingo

    Two posts this morning reminding us of just how awesome the world is. Much appreciated Chive.

  • Mike

    #24 Holy shit-balls yes!

    I saw Sanctum recently… Instead of making me never want to try SCUBA diving, I actually now have a new found urge to try cave exploration out. This post is like Chive's way of telling me do it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/petewhip petewhip

    #15 Sanctum movie trailer- "what could possibly go wrong diving in caves?"
    -Ah… Everthing.

  • bubblerider86

    Field trip fellow chivers??

  • RiKo

    #17 Crystal cave located in Naica, Mexico

    • Naz1962

      Simply incredible!
      Thanks for posting!!

  • misschris

    I think the first few are from Luray Caverns here in VA. So beautiful – the Reflecting Pool really is amazing.
    #24 – I want to be a spelunker! (a tiny bit in part because I love that word)

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  • Wolfram

    #21 those are epic mineral formations!

    • heatlump

      ….. most likely columnar basalt in Fingal's Cave in Scotland, UK

  • roddy

    amazing stuff. think we can get some in HQ?

  • Erin

    Isn't Cave #1 in the Chronicles of Narnia movie?

  • TIZ

    #21 minecraft anyone?

  • slick

    Chive, like the post, but VGA doesn't cut it for a wallpaper these days. Please add high resolution sources!

  • clickhere

    epic cave #1
    epic cave #7
    EPIC CAVE #17

    jeez in my pants

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  • sean

    I went caving in New Zealand. Dude, its experiences like that you build your life around! Nothing like Blackwater Rafting with eels swimming between your legs, rock climbing a waterfall 100ft underground, and absailing 150ft into hole covered in 1000's of cave dwelling spiders.

    Kick ass!

  • Dood

    #7 looks like the poster from "The Thing" & #19 looks like Tatooine.

  • Jay

    Does anyone else want to visit the cave in the last two pics just to do a mini Indiana Jones re-enactment?
    maybe just me

  • G-Len

    Cant decide between 7 and 24…. both FTW

  • MrCjv

    #17 Holy Shit!

  • Cami

    I suppose that suodns and smells just about right.

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