Puppies crashing in their food is about the cutest thing ever (17 photos)

  • MARC

    i JIZZED

    • Paula

      …In my pants!


  • topher

    Double Standard: No one thinks it's cute when I black out into my food.

    • Phondo

      Try doing it into dog food.

    • LansingMI

      Holy shit, I just coughed out a mouthful of coke on my work keyboard. Such a succinct description of so many dark early-twenties evenings.

  • DirtyArmySpecialist

    "i think it will drive a person to become insane"

  • Wolfram

    While not a bad post, this is probably the best one yet today. I think we really need that chivette post to go live.

  • CIA

    #14 pissed himself

  • Wing Zero

    I thought I was on the Chive. Let me see, am I mistakenly on the Berry? Nope. Oh well. They can't all be randomness or awesomness, or lower back problems.

    • STeve


    • Bandit03


      • Liam

        Cute animals make me cry too, and gag.

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      You know, there is porn on the internet. you don't have to settle for clothed porn stars.

      • Male

        But cute animals and cats doing funny things can only be found on the chive? Think, then post.

      • Male

        Also, your dismissal of the models posted on this site as "Clothed porn stars" is very telling….

        • http://twitter.com/The_Scofield_ @The_Scofield_

          Your inclusion of girls that take pictures of themselves in mirrors with puckered lips while their kid brother shits in the toilet behind them as models is very telling. They won't date you, you don't have to try so hard.

          • Fink

            Uhhh…. so puppies = ok but hot girls in mirrors = not ok. You failed the gay test, and are visiting the wrong site.

    • dean

      yeah, but on the berry, i have to try to ignore the galleries of the sexy mens all over the place.

  • DerkaDo

    #8 Doggie Scumbag Steve. Ask for some of your food, eats all of it, falls a sleep.

  • Capt. Obvious

    Perhaps they aren't merely sleeping. Poisoned food anyone??

    • dean

      aww dude, why?

  • Frank

    Chive, I know you have to pander to the girls that visit this site too, but lets not get carried away. Stuff like this belongs on the Berry.

    • figurefour

      Some Chivettes like the beautiful mostly naked women posts, and some Chivers like the cute/ridiculous animals posts. They're not mutually exclusive. I enjoy both.

      • Mail

        Yup, chives popularity has been based on the sheer amount of cute dogs posted.

        • Paula

          I agree, I like to fist bitches but that doesnt mean i wanna be one. Man up chive.


  • Dan

    it's like staring at a newborn baby, I could stare all day

    • hahaa

      fcuking weirdo, somebody track this kids ip address

      • Paula

        more like 45 year old man living in his moms basement


  • Naz1962

    Ok now I'M sleepy … where's that bowl of food?? Zzzz ….

  • EZEE

    Come on…in real life we can talk about sports, cars, women, who's ass we are going to kick, but, if no one is looking, we can admit that some shit is cute.

  • This Guy

    This is adorable; if you don't like these posts then dont open the thread 'nuff said

    • This Guy is Gay


  • AceHole

    #15 is EPIC

  • Mondooh

    Puppies are retarded… but soo fucken cute

  • Ta2dlam

    I don't get those who are making asshole comments. Puppies fuckin' rock!!

  • Paula

    Fucking Dan the pedo bear….Hide yo kids…

    Creeped out vagina kisses,

  • Paula

    Hi Chive,
    What happened to you balls? I was just wondering cause I wanted to see some tits and retarded people and laugh real hard so I came to the chive and saw fucking puppies and gay weddings on tanks. Maybe to top it off you could post an instructable on how you pansies put your tampons in. Thanks.


    • Paula

      "You want to see retetards and tits, look in the mirror. I hate you paula suck balls and die." I beat you to it!!! Hahaha and that makes me FIRST!!!


      • Paula

        I'm really good at commenting.


    • figurefour

      Your trolling is getting stale Paula. Mix it up a little.

    • jeffroe

      Start your own fucking site. Maybe you can post a daily pic of you being a whiny cunt every day and get 4 hits a month.

    • Mason

      Sound Ed D(bag) to anyone?

  • Whitnasty

    i fuckin hate Paula

  • tsukushi_

    issshhh sooo cute. 😀

  • Bud Ugly

    Haha, love these photos. Aside from hot women, these may very well come second.

    I remember taking a photo of a friend, looked exactly like #5.

  • Jen

    fuck, how many paula's are there?

  • bubblerider86

    Ok, new initiative – Get Super Cute Puppy!!! Aaaaaadorable ❤

  • Ru'

    #4 makes no sense (even if they spelt 'capacity' correctly)…

  • BloodScrubber

    #15 I imagine the morning after-party of theChive from New Orleans looked alot like this. 😛

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