Why? (10 photos)

  • WTFever

    Permaduckface now available at Whythefuckdididothat Plastic Surgery

  • This Guy

    perfectly lovely in 2004

  • Sarah

    Jeez, i hope for her sake that's reversible..

  • sceneitB4

    Scumbag Steve's sister?

  • MigraineBoy

    Those are steaks caught in her braces.

  • Flicka

    I am disappoint.

  • fiasco

    WHY !!!! she was beautiful from the get go. you fucked up girl. change it back if you can, for real.

  • Done

    Damn – clearly her self-image 'before' wasn't what we see (much hotter to me before than after).. Can only hope the doc wasn't just interested in the $$ and she thinks the lips are just hot.
    I just don't get the whole lip thing I guess….not my cup of tea, but if it works for her…I'd still…

  • Wolfram

    That's a bummer, she looked so good in #8. But now :*

    Also looks to me like "something" happened between 04 and 06 😉

  • judasnicknack

    WTF happened there? lol
    she was actually good looking before that shit at the end…

  • BigDingo


  • davisrj

    Dammit girl you have ASS FAT on your face!!!!

  • Anonymous

    such a waste 😦

  • BobPlant

    are those things filled with pus ?

  • Sauru

    congratulations you are a fucking idiot

  • scooby doo

    she could get a job in a glory hole. I would be the first to line up.

  • scooby doo

    #10 Glory Hole employee of the month.

  • SinisteRtheWickeD

    That made me die a little on the inside.

  • dwh101

    Yeah – WHY? Makes no sense…….

  • dave

    Oh god baby, what did you do? She was beautiful, now she looks like a freak

  • annoyingshampoo


  • Mike

    Talk about DSL's !

  • Nick

    Where do these dumb girls get the idea that this is attractive? Ruined her face. Dumb.

  • Pacey

    Well, she just destroyed herself

  • sullync

    peaked in 2009,,,,,,,,,

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