Why? (10 photos)

  • Bob

    Fucking awful. Why do chicks do this??

  • Matt

    Well she was nice to look at….

  • 4sho

    they will go down, until then my c*ck will go in 😉

  • Britters

    How to go from naturally pretty to Ape-face in a few photos.

  • erikLOVESchive

    wow she was so beautifull , now she looks like something of Sesame street

  • crabman

    How fucked up are her daddy issues?

  • Bud Ugly

    Ugh, what a waste of natural beauty.

  • Southern Comfort

    Shock absorbers for a high speed blow j!

  • mgreen

    WTF!!!!! Hit!!!!

  • theone

    Wtf quick put her head in the microwave and run…

  • Jessica Condrey

    Just like the Hollywood Formula for making Comics/Video Games into a movie= Take something already awesome and perfect as is and totally F*ck with it until its a total Dumpster Fire

  • Anonymous

    Why oh why ???
    She was so cute

  • ros


    • ros


  • Bob

    #1 nice
    What a waste a a potential hottie, now she looks like a cheap sex doll with those lips

  • http://twitter.com/Gingergreek @Gingergreek

    I can't begin to understand what would posses a person to do something so STUPID!! I really hope this is a hoax for her sake. There are so few people that have pulled off colagen lips (Megan Fox, Kylie and Danny Minogue and errr yep) For the vast majority it never looks good.

    To all women out there please please STOP!!!

  • Brad

    I love the way she looked in #6 (perfect look for her IMO) but why didn't anybody stop her from this monstrosity? Why do you girls do this to yourselves?

  • Swanny


  • Thunderlipps


  • JoJo


  • Joben

    she completely ruined something good…beauty turned to beast in a few short injections to the lips…

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    why? because, like all people with plastic surgery, she is shallow, superficial, and insecure.

  • adeb

    what the what happened here? She a professional fluffer?

  • yerp

    ive got quite the erecshion right now

    • yerp

      sorry. #9

  • Heyooo

    She was hot until last week

  • Grodon

    Her parents must be so proud. Went from beautiful girl to not even hot enough for a B rated porn movie in one step. Plastic surgeon that did that should be shot.

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