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  • Guest

    2009 kinda reminds me of Christina Aguilera, in a good way.

  • http://atwistedblog.blogspot.com TwistedTool


  • http://www.eyeseelife.com Arnaud

    Really a bad move girl…

  • Kapper89

    #1 #2 shame she was so good looking maybe those lips wont be so bad in a year

  • Kris

    the fuck is this?

  • Rick

    I think of it as extra kushin for my member

  • Debasteitor


  • Custardspoon

    she should skip to the point and have her lips surgically turned vertical.

  • markkens

    how depressing

  • Aytchie


  • Gus

    She's probably hooked up with some douchebag who's talking her into this crap. In another year she'll have FFF boobs, an everything tuck, and look like a complete clown.

    …. oh, and he'll be long gone.

  • Da Sandman

    getting more fake with every year passing, with last week as the big climax…

  • Aaron

    So it's within the last year women have been afflicted by the mental disability called goldfish syndrome

  • http://www.awesomeduck.com ALM

    She turned herself into a Real Doll.

  • Ricky Ticky

    Chive, please make her see this post and read all these comments! She was so hot before her lips got a tire pump attached to them. Sad really.

  • Mike

    Sad! just sad

  • Jon

    Her surgeon clearly didn't pay any attention to "First, do no harm"

  • joe daddy

    should brush them teefs

  • Tyler

    Shoot the doctor

  • LSUMeatball

    She could have stopped at 5.

  • jehammerby

    I think she is cutest in #5

  • C-man

    Don't worry sweetheart, Guidos will still find you attractive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steviekutys Stevie Nicole Kutys

    Shoulda stopped at #11….

  • http://www.facebook.com/steviekutys Stevie Nicole Kutys

    #11 shoulda stopped there…

  • http://www.facebook.com/steviekutys Stevie Nicole Kutys

    I suck at this…. haha


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