• Greenerblues

    (sighs) …..yeah

    • lando

      her name is timea majorova. and these are the nice photos. she's actually a mutant. some that might make you say 'no'

      • mrjimmyos

        You're joking right?

      • JDB

        You're crazy

      • Brett

        lando's right, check the link.

    • Ed Debevic

      Only if she had a huge dick.

  • @ImagesFluides


    • john123


      • That Guy

        * defiantly as she holds me down

    • BloodScrubber

      Only after she tidied her closet…ffs.

  • Dildobot5000

    2 is sexy as hell. 3 ruins it though.

    • Patrick

      Agreed. If i put my hand over #3 its cool right?

      • BigJuan

        why, does her open mouth and tight abs scare you ? …FAIL

      • BobSugar

        are they not the same chick?

    • doober

      why, because you were hoping you'd see a penis?

      • Dildobot5000

        I just juxtaposed my own onto it. now i feel better…

    • HansGruber

      Let me see your war face!

  • andfukyamoms

    fuck no are you serious? do ^^ have that much trouble getting chicks that can't power clean 800 pounds?

    • Brett

      you can power clean my balls when im done

    • Amanda

      Yeah I'm definitely with you, that's fucking nasty.

    • Russell=caveman

      I agree man…she looks nuckin futs! I want to be satisfied…not be scared for my life!!
      News flash: 90% of the dudes that comment on this site will hit up ANYTHING!

      • GiGiDag

        Hahaha these dudes get no kitty.

      • @The_Scofield_

        Says the guy with the apt name of "caveman".

  • sully23

    yup. she's beggin for a cock in her mouth looking like that. unfortunately she'll probably bite it off and use it in her next protein shake. 😦

    • texswiss

      hahaha. that's funny stuff dude.

      • Jen


  • benneh

    What's the problem? Why is this a 'would you'? She too strong-looking or something (not really)?

    • ramalamadingdong

      I was going to ask the same Q…

    • Jordan

      Because that woman would rip my dick off like it was an 800 pound gorilla going after a nutella covered banana

  • Jay

    Sexy, Just needs to work on facial expressions that are not scary!

  • nateoneeight

    Those legs in 2 are pretty sexy

  • The Dude

    Really there are people who wouldn't. I mean seriously you should see some of the bar rats i have brought home at last call. Get real I would be happy to have her on my roster.

    • Jakson

      Finally, someone in a "Would You?" post speaks the truth.

    • Colonel Sanders

      I rather have her on my ROOSTER.

  • Killin' Time @Work

    I get the "I must break you" Ivan Drago vibe in that last pic but hell yea, let's do this!

    • Jake

      hella funny dude especially since i just watched rocky 4 yesterday

  • Frankie

    From the back only

  • zman

    Pretty sure his penis is bigger than mine

    • scooby doo

      there is no doubt about that and i believe if your penis was an inch shorter you would be the queen.

      Things may change for you when you hit puberty so don't give up hope. If you start eating real food instead of McDonald's that may help you develop. Oh and as far as you hitting that get real because she goes for men not prepubescent boys. #2

    • Mal

      And by that you mean that you have no muscle at all so she scares (or embarasses) you.

      Grow up. Or go to the gym.

      • zman

        Merely trying to be funny, try not to take yourself so serious next time, you might actually get laid then.

        • Mal

          I'm playing on the internet at work, not at home in my moms basement. I have no problem getting laid, unlike you.

          • PWNT

            Well my dad could beat up your dad.

            • scooby doo

              well my mom could beat your dad's ass.

              • DaddyJax

                is that your mom?

  • hossmank

    In a heartbeat!

  • Bob Saget

    I was thinking absolutely….until that last pic. she looks like a sea monster

    • clickhere

      lol u know what man? Ive thought of that too and I did ctrl + F monster to see who said it too lol

  • Pat

    In a heartbeat…

  • Tean_Zu

    Yeah, but she has to CLEAN her fucking room first!

    • thatwasntthequestion

      True mother-fuckin' THAT. Clean your room, bitch! Then go make me turkey pot pie.

  • wyatt

    probably yes

  • iambigd42

    Hell yes and Completely Sober

  • Rocket

    Release the Kraken!

  • brutis

    id do her every day of the week and twice on sunday:p

  • Qayzr


  • rwd

    helll yes, MOREE!

  • Urban


  • zym

    Yes. For I am heterosexual!!!

    • Rob

      Trick question?

  • chrisdg74

    Yep. No hesitation. I'd probably enjoy her throwing me around the bedroom.

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