• Brian

    why not? so yeah

  • Trippledizzle


  • buckinut51

    What I wouldn't do to smash that!!! Not intimidated in the slightest bit…….

  • tralfaz


  • Dr_awesome

    Yes. And then she will make me dinner.

  • Bobby

    all day long!!!

  • HAZ

    ABSO- F$&%IN LUTELY!!!!!!!

  • @TN_Kenny

    That's like asking if I want to do Karate in the garage…..the answer is YUP

  • matthew

    i'd be afraid of her fucking me, rather than me fucking her lol

  • soon to be divorced

    that is such a yes that if my wife walked in, I'd have to ask her to wait until I was finished before yelling at me.. (so a quick minute or 2)

  • Lucca

    YES.. unfortunately my dick would be instantly crushed from the massive amount of butt kegels she prob does… :/

  • HAZ

    Of course!! and for those that say no, I suggest you see a sword fighting specialist!

  • FlashingScotsman

    I don't see why ANYONE, even the most easily intimidated twerp wouldn't do the first one. The last one, I could see some guys being afraid, but not me. Dive right in.

  • Spywith1eye

    Haaaaa yea i would yall! İ might feel a little gay afterwards but F-it!

  • Spywith1eye

    Heeeeel yea yall!!! İ might feel a little gay but oh well F-it!

  • Mario Gutierrez

    am down

  • Cecil

    I would, and not because 'Any hole is my goal', or anything stupid that suggests a lack of standards (thus defining a lack of self value/respect/discipline). I like a capable women who is more likely to have my back in a fight than she is too cry about her color being cancelled.

  • Funvee



  • Sean

    "Would I?" doesn't seem like an accurate question. "May I please?" is more appropriate.

  • JimmyJack

    Someone had better Photoshop #3 to be a Predator, pronto!!

  • Jawbone

    Always making the same face… Like it's already in her ass….


    O HELL YEAH!!!!!! I'll make her so weak………….

  • IrishFeen

    Indeed i would

  • bongski bongkikong

    wear and tear!

  • ghostofmlg

    Feb 8, 2011 shall hereafter be known as "Stupid Question Day".

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