You’re getting both barrels of the GIFS today

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  • markkens

    #6 Death by discus…those things are HEAVY

  • Seannerz

    #10 Those Aren't Muskets FTW! Here's a link to the whole video:

  • dmm

    #2 olivia munn is tops. super hot, and super funny too. like someone you'd want to hang out with outside of the bedroom too.

  • theMorgue77

    #10, That's how a MAN does Valenvrap's break up. #11, I wanna work out with her

  • jeffroe

    #5 you should add the part where Mo kisses her "belly button"

  • turbosmurf

    #3 , first i thought it was "Careless Air" , the air transport company from Top Gear 🙂

  • bless1

    #11…best gif ever!

  • Anonymous

    I could watch #2 all day.

  • MrCjv

    #9 Ya gotta give the guy credit. He tried like hell and failed. It's pretty epic though, lmao.

  • MrCjv

    #11 Ok, to add to the comments here: She's very bendy, in shape and most likely a driven person. MAtch that with me: Rigid, needing the gym and a driver. Seems like a perfect fit huh?

  • Skedaddle

    #11 is plain ridiculous. And I want her. BAD.

  • Carlos SLB

    #11 im going in!!!!

  • Nick

    yessssssssss i know the guy in #9… i went to high school with him.

  • willkm75

    #11 God Bless America!!! I think I luv u, I would eat all night and day on that thing…

  • Motis

    #11 Damn, could drive my 18 wheeler through that Gap!

  • doh

    Almost looks like someone is in the car on #3

  • Big Guy

    #9 still a sweet nuggets shirt

  • Nick

    hahaha yesssss #9. i went to high school with that guy on the treadmill!

  • Don

    #8 OMG, so hot

  • Buddha-22

    I get such a hardon for Katy Perry

  • randommitchicana

    Hooray! #10 is from a Those Aren't Muskets video! And That's Katy from cracked! I love seeing crossovers from my favorite websites

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