Animals that don’t suck: First Blood (33 Photos)

  • Dave

    so wrong bro

  • Your mom

    #11 – anyone else count five pussies? ZING!


    #28.LIKE A BOSS

  • Eli

    #14 I think she is Natalia Cigliuti… Hot as hell

  • Thrice

    # 4 made me ROFL

  • donyale

    #8–you SUCK! Nothing worse than an animal killer. Shoot yourself jerks!

  • Rhys

    #8 What kind of an asshole kills a bear?!

  • Mark

    What about the cat in the jar!?!? Did it… did it get out?

  • SirCtheIII

    Donyale and Rhys are too dumb to look in the background… and if we didn’t allow hunting, overpopulation would result in far worse consequences for them and us. Don’t judge before you educate yourself.

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