Captions, making funny photos hilarious (31 Photos)

  • abipolarguy

    #1 & #3 are good examples of photos made funny by captions. They add an idea not in the photo.
    #2 & #4 are good examples of captions that don't really add anything, and detract from the photo. Way too common.

    • kodakkid

      shit man I just wanted to look at the pictures why are you putting thought into it

    • DrJTrotter

      Not saying you're wrong, but #2 is funny if you say it like Doyle from Slingblade.

  • WTFever

    George Washington Duck renders your Aflac policy invalid

  • I Made it on | Comedy Writer, Web Designer and Family Man from York, PA

    […] and submitted the above picture to Today they posted it in a gallery titled “Captions, making funny photos hilarious“. It’s image number 20 on the site. I feel full of accomplishment. Although I’m […]

  • NOUU


  • My.

    It's the same chair

    • Hungry

      Right ,cause no one else has a chair like that!

  • ddave

    #6 hand banana, noooooooooo!!!:D

  • markkens

    Flawless victory!!!

  • wztarheel

    # 16 So true! Love me some Chivettes!

  • vikr

    #16 Whatever it is must be behind that fat girl

  • nick

    #16 I get that she's sexy but then why are there no sexy chivers like her ever posted?

    • LaLa

      Because of posts like the one above yours…..Apparently you can only be a sexy chivette at size 10 or below…

  • Maroun

    #15 is kinda cute. Reminds me of Zoolander.

  • Run

    Let's eat.

    • Paula

      Let's run.

  • KyleGamgee

    #3. ❤

  • Beau

    #16 Pretty sure she wasn't au natural either, fat or not

  • ron burgundy?

    "wow, that really got out of hand…"

    "yeah, that escalated quickly"

  • Brah

    So much man ass.

  • John

    #16 All i see is a fat chick with no tits.

  • dean

    that is the same person, the nose, under eye bags, chins, eyebrows, it's the same.

  • Mark

    #30 umm what?

  • Chris

    #25 I laughed till my stomach hurt!

  • jfeez

    #25 is fucking hilarious.

  • putnam120

    Yes #16, but too bad you aren't.

  • Mike

    Can we get a whole thread dedicated to this tool? Awesome from Canada.

    • Dev

      if you are calling bear a tool you need some help. This guy was a former British S.A.S soldier, broke his back, then climbed MT. Everest, what have you done? I don't see him following anybody. This man is a leader and the opposite of a tool. Get a life dumb ass.

  • jeffroe

    I like your site a lot, but I think you can do a lot better than making fun of people with deformaties. The swimming girl in 29 is the one I'm talking about. I think many people would agree with me, it really detracts from your site.

  • Libertariandude

    #2 Actually, "Carl" is a girl…

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